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[Bug] Hero Mall

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I have suggested more than once, we should be allowed to buy Premium Hero Medals for Gems... I will never stop saying that but with this new Suggestion, Maybe to 2 can be put together and we have a hero Tab put in the Backpack, Gem Mall and Guild Shop... Hero Medals, Sold by the 1 5 or 10 at one price for Elite Stages Heros, and a significantly higher price for Bundle Pack heros... from a business standpoint this may increase Gem pack sells from players that can't wait to earn the Gems or wait for a specific Hero to come back into a Bundle... From a Fairness perspective, you aren't telling free to play members they dont matter by giving Pay to play a way to indefinitely stack the odds in their favor. The  Hero Mall Tabs would be useless if Medals were all we could buy...

Enter Hero Training Scrolls: Items that we can by to increase our Heros Attributes... a MATK Scroll will increase Magical Attack, a Reflex Scroll will teach or improve Reflex Attribute...these can be sold in the Gem Mall for a fair price and Guild shop fir Varying coin prices, likely in Excess of 500,000 Guild coins... But buying a scroll and improving a stat would be too easy... lets make this a challenge; Only Top Ranked Legendary level 60 heros can be trained, Scrolls Work like Material...you have to upgrade them from the White grade scroll in the shop to the Legendary Grade...which, like Trophy fusing, costs gold, and any other upgrade will require time to master the Scroll (1 minute per existing point in said skill, plus 2 minutes for how many points a legendary scroll is worth in said skill, skills will have a Cap, this Cap should be the same across the Board Plus a Scroll Limit per Hero...the scroll limit will be allowed to easily max out one existing skill, but should we split the scrolls on one hero it likely doesn't max out any... and a we could sell Crystals(Guild shop or bundle exclusive, like migration scroll) that allows one Hero to use 5 more training Scrolls... (Scrolls can be changed to suitable training tools and increase said skill 2% of current score at the time it is used)

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This is a good idea  but IGG doesn't really listen to our ideas and they would probably make less money cause people who don't pay and just grind can get stuff that usually cost money. But,  if they did add this it would be nice.

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Good suggestion!

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