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Posted on 2020-06-20 21:25:47 | Show thread starter's posts only

The ajto speed feature is buggy and will overuse all your speed ups! I had lvl 8 traini g speed 2 research with 34d left, used the auto speed feature, it used all my research boost and it also used the same amount of normal speed, so instead of using 34d worh of speed ups, it used 60d(over 2700 x 10 min speed ups were used and all speed ups over that were used and only have 874/1841 x 5 min speed ups left)

Same thing for troops but worse, i made 4M T1s and 1.5M T2 let's say the auto speed ups should loose a 5 min speed up on couple seconds it's fine, but it's the same thing that for research.

using lord mobile calculator, we can see that i should had used 252d 22h 3min, with a loss of 5 min on each training, considering it should auto use 5 mins for couple second, i should loose 1.30d on T1s and 0.49d on T2s after doing some math (basically, the number of training obtained using the total speed for making the number of troops / time you take per max training session in min (10350 in my case), then time that by 5 and you should get what you should loose in min) however, i lost 60d worth of speed ups.

i should add it used both troops specific speed ups and normal speed ups, and only normal when i didn't had any troop ones left, the issue here is when it use troop and normal speed ups at the same time, i assume it used 60d of troop specific speed ups and 60d worth of normals.

TLDR: don't use speed ups right now until they fixed the bug, this feature overuse speed ups when it has to use normal and research/troop, and will consume the same amount of research one as normal instead of doi g it accordingly to the screen.

Posted on 2020-06-23 09:15:29 | Show thread starter's posts only

Small update, contacted IGG, they have done an "investigation" and said they find no issues, so i basically got scammed, 110d worth of speed ups, multiple people in my guild reported the same issue with bigger numbers.
i'll post video evidence of this scam soon once i've done further testing.