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[Bug] Cursed Skull (and some other?) not dropping at all

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Posted on 2016-09-18 12:05:39 | Show thread starter's posts only


I have noticed that with all the farming of monsters I have ever done, I have not received even a single Cursed Skull. It would make sense if it did not drop in 1 or 2 or 100 attacks, but I have made thousands of attacks on grim reapers and up to this point I have never received a Cursed Skull drop.
On the image bellow you can see that it is clearly displayed that it should drop even from Lvl 1 Grim Reapers

The other items I've noticed that should drop but don't are Mutated Brain, Gryphon Core, Gargantua Eye and Frostwing Heart.

Posted on 2016-09-18 12:20:35 | Show thread starter's posts only

Every monster has an "ultra-rare ingredient," which, as the name fits, is EXTREMELY rare. It sucks but that's how it works sadly.

EDIT: What's funny is that IGG has said they have the same drop rate as any other item. As if!

Posted on 2016-09-18 12:37:14 | Show thread starter's posts only

I see... so, that is a way to make us buy those packs...

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I have never combined a Grim Reaper drop, and this is what my materials look like.  I've only gotten one green grade Cursed Skull.

Now you tell me if this looks like an equal drop chance...

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Posted on 2016-09-18 19:56:47 | Show thread starter's posts only

If you want to get an item higher than level 45 then you have to spend to get it into a decent grade. That's really the only way unless you want to play his game for years and years.

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This game is such a scam...

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it doesn't exist. they claim it does but it's not there, if it is it must be a 0.000000000000001% chance (and even then you would think someone must have seen one by now)

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Posted on 2016-09-19 18:55:07 | Show thread starter's posts only

Hello everyone i want clear one thing. I am with max monster hunt research for lab24 meaning all i have is 9/10 and believe me i killed tons of lvl1 and lv2 monster as well as 8-10 lvl4 all by myself. As far as the higher drop rate no there is no higher drop rate for rare items suchs the rare ingridient and the rare jewel. The higher monsters you hunt you have better chance of getting higher grade (notice grade) items from all drops. The lower monsters lvl1-2 actually have really good rate of material drop rate because u are using less energy and u increase your potential. Imagine that all monster are like spinning wheel with 100 sectors. Well only igg knows whats the rare drop rate but my realistic guess would be 1. 1 out of 100sectors is the chance to get rare item. I hunt monsters even with bought packs for energy and guess for 3months only 1 common rare item. So free to play forget about this items, end of story.

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I am going to tell you the best way for f2p. Just save your energy from guild gifts and all other ways. Dont open your bag for monster hunting on any deal. Just pile it up and wait for PHANTOM KNIGHT event to come, then use all your energy for that event and you will get a great amount of holly stars if you used it right way. Then see if its Gargantua or Terror in the labyrinth and go hit it with all those stars, you will get great number of grey toxins, bells, eyes etc. It will in the end help you to make those superstitious gears. And if you get lucky with that gemmlin guardian you can get good number of gems,

P.S: This is the way F2P T4 players use to get those items....