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[Guild] Any monster hunt guilds

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Preferablly onr that does more then level 1

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Check us out at MHi ;)

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[justify]We are the Black Rose Society, a small up and coming Hunting Guild born 2-weeks ago in K221. We are a tight-knit group of friends, and are growing slowly and steadily. We have a nonaggression value system, and prefer not to fall into the herd mentality of warmongering barbarism. Indeed, this is a war game...but why must war be waged simply because it can be waged? We will, however, defend ourselves and stand with our allies to the best of our ability. We have established good relations with several strong guilds in our kingdom, and have friends in other kingdoms as well. If you are looking for a friendly guild to call home, the Society just may be your fit. [/justify]

21+ and older (sorry kids)
500k might
Team oriented ~ cooperative spirit ~ be mature ~ keep it clean ~ Line App download (search: blackrosesociety)

We are located in K221 under the tag [@)}] -- apply today!

PS: We do not kick inactive members, as we appreciate that there is life beyond the game. I am a full-time college student, we have other members who are college students, busy moms and dads, as well as graveyard shift workers. Life gets busy! That doesn't mean you can't find a place to belong in-game without fear of being kicked.

Honor is meaningless unless you possess the courage to uphold its standard.
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K141 M~C famiky

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check us out;
[k209] [EKn]Exiled Knights

[EKn] Exiled Knights
#209 Ysetor Kingdom
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check us out;

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Recrutement open, MHe Hunters of Euphoria, 57 billion might guild in K75

If Interrested Contact the R5 on LINE for an interview at ChurchBelle624. No in game applications.
400 million might minimum to apply, must compete in every event (1750pts for GF).
Must write and read english, use LINE app and post monster kills.
Hunt 6 monsters level 2-5 every day.

700 guild gifts daily, No level 1 monsters here. We do a level 3 only hunt event each month. 
Ranked top 3 in every events. We offer in guild rewards for top scorers.
A great guild to help you grow, with a nice side of war.
DN6-DN5 easy daily, We have T5 leads.
Daily help spammers, for coins.
Alt guilds available.

If Interrested Contact the R5 on LINE for an interview at ChurchBelle624. No in game applications.