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[Guild] Guild Forum Rules - READ BEFORE POSTING

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Posted on 2016-10-30 02:50:03 | Show thread starter's posts only

Welcome to the Guild Forum.

This forum is for posting your Guild information for recruiting purposes OR if you are looking for a Guild to join. Please read these rules carefully before posting.

Guild Forum General Rules
Any thread title that uses ALL CAPS (or over doing it with CAPS or non-Alphanumeric characters) will be removed.
This forum is for the sole purpose of looking for Players to join your Guild or if you're looking for a Guild to join.
Respect other Guilds and Players. DO NOT flame other Guilds or their members OR post in a thread if you do not intend to join and/or you're not advertising your Guild.

If posting your Guild;
1. Only One (1) Thread per Guild. If you make more than 1 thread they will be deleted and possibly warned.

2. Your Thread Title
MUST include your KINGDOM, GUILD TAG and GUILD NAME posted in this format: [K1] [ABC] ABC Guild *insert recruiting text* Any threads without this format will be removed and possibly warned.

3. If you wish to create a new guild thread, PM a moderator to delete your old thread BEFORE posting your new thread (See 1.)

One bump per guild every 24 hours. More than 1 bump in 24 hours is classed as spam and you will receive a warning.

5. Advertising giveaways is not permitted in the Thread Title, only in the post itself.

If looking for a guild;
1a. Post your INGAME NAME, MIGHT  and any other details that you're looking for in a Guild such as the kingdom and guild language etc.

Posts without the Minimum of your INGAME NAME and MIGHT will be removed.

2. Remember, the more information you give about your account the more people may want you in their guild.

3. Thread titles need to be On-Topic. E.g. Looking for a Guild.

4. You must not ask for guilds which do giveaways and/or gifting, this is classed as begging and not permitted in the forum.