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[Guide] A-Not-So-Quick Quick Walthrough of the Game

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    • In the Beginning...

      In the beginning, the game will start you off and make you go through the tutorial (obviously). Often players will just follow whatever the quests say and just blindly follow the quests. Smart decision. Then what next? What do you upgrade afterwards? What to focus on? Do I rush my castle or focus on everything first? What heroes do I focus on?

      First off...

      Start off by setting goals for yourself. Where do you plan to be in two days time? Three days time? Goals are important, it keeps you in check and helps you understand what you need to do in later on. Also understand which of your goals are long term goals or short term goals. Surprisingly enough some players don't take time to set goals that are efficient and helpful. Some examples of goals that should be set

      Short Term Goals
      • Upgrade all Manors to Lvl.5 
      • Train an army of 10k soldiers by tomorrow
      • Reach 5k production of or

      And the list goes on

      Long Term Goals
      *Long term goals are the most important, these are your plans for the late game
      • Boost my bonus construction speed to 150% before the end of this week
      • Reach 1,000,000 might before the end of next week

      And the list goes on

      Now why do i stress the importance of making goals? Why not just focus on what the quests say and just keep upgrading? Well, it is to help you keep you in order and productive. Without goals you do not know where you will be and will eventually fall behind.

      Prepare for the late/end game

      More likely than not, in most games, what you do affects your late game. When you start off you have to think to yourself and try to understand the game itself first. The game is after all, based around the idea of "war". Thus, you are going to need to have a powerful army. Late game will be all about war. So how o you prepare for the end game? First off all...

      Your buildings

      What you build now matters. Look carefully at what is gonna be needed to build up an efficient army. More barracks or more Manors?  More infirmaries? More farms to feed you soldiers? The answer to these questions are simple. If you plan to have an efficient army, you need to have a quick mobilizing army. You need more manors to speed up your training and more barracks to produce more troops. If you focus entirely on barracks, you lose the speed to quickly mobilize your army. Build too many manors, and you lose your ability to amass a larger army over a long period of time. My suggestion (many suggest this too) is to entirely focus on Manors. Manors produce gold AND give you training speed. Double benefits.  For infirmaries focus on only having enough that it can heal your entire army. Never more than your whole army capacity but never less. 

      Now to focus on your resource buildings. If you have not learnt through your time of roaming the forum, going all the way to 0 on food does not have any negative effects except the fact the you now have no food left. So using this knowledge about food, you now know that you should completely avoid building too many farms. (also getting food isn't that hard in fact, you get literally everywhere) Now that we have cleared off the list the building of too many farms, what should we focus on? All of the other three seem like they all have their same purposes right? Well of course your right! But, that doesn't mean you build an equal amount of each! You focus on one over all the others. Why? I'm guessing your asking. Well because of your bonus of course! Select one resource you want to focus on, say stone. Then now you build at least 1 more building that produces stone over all the other resources (excluding farms because...farms suck). Now for your talent pool, select bonuses mainly for that resource you select (which is stone for this example). Fine equipments and heroes hat buff that resource production (stone). Now to further prove my point about favoring a resource over another let's do some math...yay.

      So your stone production is say for the sake of our poor minds is 5k and your production of ores and lumber are the same as your stones because your that guy who didn't listen to advice. So...
      5k 5k 5k (stone ore lumber) your bonuses follow as 20% 20% 20%
      Now the smart guy who focused on stone has as follows
      10k 2.5k 2.5k with bonuses as follow 40% 10% 10%
      Now do the math
      You will produce in total 6k stone, ore, and lumber every hour. In total that is 18k resources.
      Now look at the guy who was actually smart. He produces 14k stone, 2.75k ore, 2.75k lumber. Add it up. In total 19.5k resources. WAY MORE THAN YOU FOR SURE....if you scale it up a few times to fit the actual games. 
      Thus, try to focus on one resource specifically....Moving on

      Heroes, the ones, the only...few

      Heroes are important, whether on the battlefield or just sitting in your turf in that little phone in that little screen of yours. Thy all have passive bonuses which really helps you! Some buff your construction speed, some your training, your building, your troop strength. What more is there to say about these guys. Well a whole lot more, they have in battle buffs to boost your troops, allow you to fight in colloseum for gems. Upgrading them may seem like a chore but they are highly important. Now that I have enlightened you about the benefits of heroes, what else should you know? Well, of course, which heroes to focus on of course! All i can truly say about heroes is that its all up to you on which you want to focus on. (hint hint, think about the late game)......focus on ones that can speed up your construction and research speed early one, then start putting your attention to ones that boosts your troops in battle.
      ***Note: If you want to upgrade heroes start doing the hero quests...if you can't figure out, i don't even know how you are here right now.....welp moving on

      The Talent Pool, ah yes, good for a hot day

      Notice how I have been stressing on how important late game is? Well, finally here is something will benefit you a whole lot in the early game! Your talent pool offers many bonuses but which to choose? First off, what are your goals in at the moment...I better hear you thinking "Upgrade as fast as possible" because that is exactly what you should be saying! When upgrading your talents early game, aim for construction speed and research speed. In the game, you want to progress as fast as possible so you can keep up with the bigger guys. Now, once you get all the bonuses for construction and research speed...what should you being aiming next? Well of course, Production, or training speed if you really need it. I personally suggest production bonus over training speed in the early game. Don't worry about messing up your choices of bonuses in the talent pool. If your in a guild, you can always buy a talent reset and fix up your talents.

      Forging Equipments, plastic swords anyone?

      Forging equipments, there unyielding bonuses will play a major role in gameplay and your pogression through the game. Early on you want to have equipments that boost your construction and research speed. Later on however...your gonna want the stronger more powerful weapons that boost your troops. Focus on trying to get Gryphon Equipments or collecting materials for them because Gryphons won't stay forever

      Troops...which of them to choose

      Troops are important (duh). They fight for you, they gather for you, and...uuuhhh....they're just really lazy and like to get themselves killed. So to answer the question of which to choose...choose the one you find that has the best bonuses from your hero, research, equips, etc. So if you focus on a specific group of troops, you need to focus on the specific group of traps that counters the troops that counters the troops you chose specifically. So for example, you use mainly infantry, your heroes are infantry, even your weapons are boosting infantry, and research too, you build infantry more often than other troops (obviously) so your ratio of infantry, archers, cavalry, and siege engine is like 2:1:1:1, your traps should be 1:0:0 or 2:0:1 (Spikes: Towers : Boulders or Logs). Since, your Grunts kill the archers,  and grunts are weak to the cavalry forces, you are going to need more spikes to kill the cavalry. And since your grunts kill archers, you won't be needing towers to combat them as much. Now that you have both cavalry and archers cleared there is little to worry about the rest of the troops.

      Gems, the thing everyone wants

      Gems, ah yes, gems. What to spend it on? Let's think about this...ahh...yes. Spend it on nothing. Save it for treasure trove if possible. What is the Treasure Trove you ask? Well it is a way for investers to invest! Invest 10k gems for greatest payout of 80% interest. Upgrade it for even higher interest! Good for f2p and p2p players.

      Now for the big question...how do you get gems WITHOUT paying for it? Many ways my fellow readers...many many ways. Er well not really. Gift Bonuses, Gryphon Hits, Treasure Trove, and Colleseum are about all you get for grinding for gems....

      Now! The juicy stuff for newbies out there...AN ACTUAL LIST OF THINGS TO DO FIRST
      1. Start off by researching mainly military and monster hunting. Highly important to get higher tier troops asap.
      2. Upgrade Manors, whats the point of having barracks anyway?
      3. Always max out your heroes to your current player lvl for stronger heroes asap. because who wants weak heroes?
      4. Build up an army and avoid being the aggressor, be the victim....no seriously be the victim....you don't want to be the one attacking since your troops have no chance of being healed BUT when defending...that's another story. 
      5. JOIN A GUILD AND RELOCATE ASAP.....because you don't wanna be a loner
      6. Forge Equipments...because who wants a hero who can't even afford a sword?
      7. By Castle 10 make a checklist and make sure all of your buildings are max, army is at least 15k troops, research of all tier 2 troops are complete, research of all tier 2 traps are underway, and that you are at least player lvl 25-30

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"Don't fight a battle if you don't gain anything by winning."

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Edited some parts

"Don't fight a battle if you don't gain anything by winning."

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Just finished reading this guide, awesome guide bud :)

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You forgot to mention throw money at the screen

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Nice guide just finished reading but I don't agree not to build or to build "few" archer towers if you prioritize your infantry troops since if someone is planing to attack your turf and the attacker scouted that you literally have no or few archer towers, he might send seige troops first just to destroy your wall and after send his all out attack with your wall down.

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There is no need for a second barrack. One barrack is enough :)

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Thanks so much for this topic!
I like to use smart goals templates to stay motivated.