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[Guide] Dragon Arena tips

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Posted on 2021-09-27 03:09:54 | Show thread starter's posts only

after having so much experience in the dragon arena, here are my top tips about it.

1- always expect to have few members
2- always have a plan. what to attack first. which players are supposed to hold.
3- ALWAYS secure ancient remains first because if you lose that attack boost, it is game over for you. unless the opponent is really really weak. which is very much impossible
4- make people with high stats the ones who hold. know that familiar attack skills/counter research/gear stats all make a difference

if you want to decrease the difficulty of the guild you will fight against it. try to decrease your guild might. how does this work

during the phase of choosing a time slot for the dragon arena. before it ends by 5-10 minutes. everyone should leave the guild, you could also kick members if you want. this will decrease your guild might. why do you do that? because when dragon arena time slot choosing end. there is something called matchmaking. it takes 40-45 minutes. it starts after darknest reset.  after that time pass. go back to the guild and in the dragon arena, you find easier opponents

I tested it before, but beware that some people are also using these tactics. so it depends on luck. but better try than not try

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