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[Guide] all my tips so far, what else should i include?

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Posted on 2020-06-08 11:36:50 | Show thread starter's posts only

Hello guys

I am your friendly neighborhood 3bdel7, 
I love to give tips on the game

my tips so far

please tell what else do you want me to talk about

give me ideas



Why is the leader important even after the update?

2How to protect your leaderdone(link)3bdel7
3Auto Use & Sanctuary FAQsdone(link)oooclaire
4Sanctuary Question & Answerdone(link)3bdel7
5Hero stage (Elite level) 6-8done(link)loveskippy  
6Familiar guidedone(link)3bdel7
7All types of gear for attack geardone(link)3bdel7
8All none war gearNO(link) 
9Steps of how to build a hyper farm food/goldNO(link) 
10tips on farming or fighting on KvKdone(link) 3bdel7
11Every single way to get gemsdone(link)3bdel7
12Dragon Arena Tips From Playersdone(link)oooclaire
13phalanx and wedge explaineddone(link)PaperPhone
14 NO(link)
15 NO(link) 
16 NO(link) 
17 NO(link) 
18 NO(link) 

there will be a link soon for these topics

What else do you want me to talk about

give me ideas

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It is nice, woow

Posted on 2021-03-06 21:26:32 | Show thread starter's posts only

Tips for r4 or r5. How to make good alliance or naps?. Recruiting tips?. Different ways of speaking like the translation something doesn't work right for example for guilds with palyers speaking different language is a problem. For example guild can be called syndicate, union, gi or guild fest sometimes it translate to alliance festival or fdg. I don't know if I explain myself good lol

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Posted on 2021-03-06 21:29:54 | Show thread starter's posts only

The use of technolabe like how much is needed for t4 research and using it on a productive way.

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