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[Guide] All About Wall Traps

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Posted on 2019-04-21 22:19:24 | Show thread starter's posts only

Solo Wall Traps are the least known type of traps in the game but they are great fun.

The objective of a wall trap is to kill as many enemy troops as possible and to potentially cap the attacker's leader without your wall falling.

We will go through the pros/cons of wall traps and then importantly the build.

1. Pros/Cons

Pros: wall traps are very deceiving, needing little amount of troops. The greatest benefit is not needing to use anti-scout. This ensures you will be get lots of action from attackers. A well built wall trap with a good strategy ensures you wall will not be completely knocked down and therefore can take many hits all day long. A wall trap has no might limit. Unlike typical solo troop trap where you try to minimise might, wall trap has no restriction.

Cons: the wall research is extensive (as we will go through in the build section). if your wall falls, it will take a up to 48hrs before you can trap again by using the mole shaman familiar skill to heal your wall. Wall traps cannot take multiple hits during the one attack by multiple castles unlike a typical troop trap. It takes time to heal the damaged traps and wall.

2. the Build

Research: Defense and Upgrade Defense. To fully level these academy trees, you need to reach Level 25 Academy and complete level 10 research in Economy tree for Food, Stone, Timber and Metal Harvesting. You will also want to research Military (to whatever level you want) to strengthen your troops. Also, research Quick Swap in the Upgrade Military tree so you can change gears quickly.

Gear: Focus on trap attack/def and wall def gear. Primarily, Mega Maggot Set (Blight ring, shadow helm, grimy plate. Frostwing Set (Frostwing shield, Frostwing boots)

Jewels: Trap Attack, Wall Def, and Range (I use primarily range troops to shoot down the enemy while they are attacking my wall)

Heroes: Focus on Trap Atk/Def Boost, Range Atk Boost. Sitting on my wall: Bobbin Goblin, Demon Slayer, Death Archer, Snow Queen, Sage of Storms. Other heroes to boost your stats: Sea Squire (trap construction), 
Night Raven (Wall Def), Shade (Wall Def/Trap construction)

Talents: When attacking max Trap Offense I&II. Rest of talents use on Range Offense (since I use range troops), Squad Offense. When not attacking, can use Trap Building I&II to rebuilt damaged traps.

Familiars: Essential: Mole Shaman (wall heal), Tempestite (wall Def) 

I have a YT channel with a video guide and featuring some great wall trap action. Watch it and test out wall trapping. It's great fun.

That's it for now. If I missed out on anything or if you have any questions just ask.

Q Trap

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Master of Traps

Posted on 2019-04-23 02:14:48 | Show thread starter's posts only

Overall, well played...

I disagree with the lazy terminology we've been given though.

We don't use anti and usually don't cap leaders.  Unless you troop horde and wanna get rallied, that is.

So being called and put into the same category as a "trap" is kind of obnoxious, IMO.

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