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[Fan Art] Fan Art Rules- Please read before posting!

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Posted on 2018-05-25 12:20:52 | Show thread starter's posts only

Welcome to the Fan Art Topic!

This topic is for posting your Fan Art OR any crafts to do with Lords Mobile. Please read these rules carefully before posting.

Fan Art Topic General Rules

Any thread title that uses ALL CAPS (or is over doing it with CAPS or non-Alphanumeric characters) will be removed.
Respect content creators.

NO nudity!

Using obscene language will result in an immediate BAN

Any content that has nothing to do with Lords Mobile will be immediately DELETED.

DO NOT copy artwork or items from the internet OR reply to a thread if you have no intention of being kind.

Any claims to artwork or content will cause both the original and similar threads to BE DELETED. To resolve this please sign work with a watermark.

Posting Format

1. One thread per a particular Fan Art

2. Your Thread Title MUST include your Fan Art name and who it is made by posted in this format: “ABC Artwork” made by “name”  Any threads without this format will be warned and removed.

3. Enclosed in the thread must be the Fan Art OR item made/ bought as a picture OR video along with a description. Links are NOT permitted

4. One bump per Artwork every 24 hours. More than 1 bump in 24 hours is classed as spam and you will receive a warning.

5. Advertising giveaways is not permitted

When Posting Threads
Here you can post pictures of cosplays, drawings, pictures of merchandise or even home-made figurines. Feel free to share your creativity with us and post them here.

If posting, please remember to choose the correct topic which can be found in the left corner of the page


We hope to see your work soon. Enjoy!

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