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[Chat(Android)] Road to T4

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Have you unlocked T4 yet? Tell us your progress and give new players some tips!

Where there is a will, there is a way.
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Well, if you are a f2p-player, forget about T4s. Takes at least 1 year... are you sure you wont be tired of the game in one year? Long time and noone will give you back your waisted time if you quit.
If you are not a "I-will-not-pay-one-cent-no-matter-what-happens"-player, its basicly possible to reach T4s. I have a few advises in this case:

1. The mall packs are ROTATING means they come again and again every 2-3 weeks. Before you start spending money, CHECK ON THE PACKS OF ONE CICLE (2-3 weeks) AND DECIDE WHICH ONE OF THEM ARE MOST HELPFULL FOR YOU.
On this basis, SET A MOUNTHLY LIMIT (means: how much you are going to spend MAX. per mounth).

DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE THIS AND DO NOT SHIT YOURSELF BY BREAKING YOUR OWN LIMIT, AS F2P GAMES GENERALLY TEND TO MAKE YOU FORGET OR IGNORE HOW MUCH YOU SPEND IN TOTAL. Keep in mind: A good computer-game costs about 15-50$ (40-70 on console); 50-120$ if you add DLC's and season pass. I would seriously advise to not set a mounthly limit higher than the basic price(15-50$) .. it just doesnt worth in comparision to non-f2p-games.  I would advise to just buy the gem packed 1 (15k gems for 5$) and once per mounth a hunter gear set. Sweat deal pack might worth more when you already reached the rechearches which take like 2-20 days, so exchange gem packed with sweet deal.

My second tip: download lords mobile in the amazon store. You pay there with amazons currency and are going to save like 5-30% per purchache.  (You will have to connect your accaunt with a random facebook accaunt)

And ofc, find an ACTIVE guild to push your helps, ALWAYS put on rechearch gear before rechearches avoid loosing your leader (YOU DONT HAVE TO LOG IN ALL 12 HOURS, YOU CAN ALSO SEND YOUR LEADER + TROOPS AS GARRISION TO SOMEONE WHO HAS A 24HRS OR LONGER SHIELD- THIS REQUIRES YOU TO BE IN A STRONG GUILD! ) and DO NOT WAISTE YOUR SPEED UPS (expecially not on troops, keep in mind there are made to die^^) try to combine them with good hell events. And never forget, its just a game... so keep calm & relaxed :)

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My progress would so far be counted as achieved or partially achieved.
(Unlocked t4 ranged)
I wouldn't suggest f2p players begin t4 road as the priority.
Begin with Economy and Monster Hunt as the priority and then begin on the t4 road.
Join any F2P monster hunt guild or P2P monster hunt guild(If lucky enough to enter).

P2Ps have much more advantage as they easily obtain resources through paying and able to afford 30-Day Supply Chest.

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