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[Chat(Android)] Are you addicted? Self-Test

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1. Would you say no to meet a friend because of a wow?
2. Do you put notifications on and let the game even wake you up in the middle of the night?
3. Do you spend 25% or more of your working day in this game?
4. Do you have the feeling the game let you missed something great in the rl in the past?

If the answer to one of these questions is yes,
you are probably addicted to Lords Mobile. Check the influence of the game to your real life. A GOOD GAME SHOULD BE FUN, WITHOUT INFLUENCIBG REAL LIFE ISSUES... IT SHOULD BE A GAME YOU PLAY WHEN YOU ARE BORED, NOT WHEN YOU THINK YOU HAVE TO LOG IN FOR EVENTS OR EVEN SIMPLY JUST TO AVOID LOOSING SOME PIXELS (excuse me, these pixels are called hero).  Thats how smart players play the game. THEY SEE IT AS WHAT IT IS -JUST A GAME ... AND DONT LET IT HAVR ANY INFLUENCE INTO OTHER PARTS OF YOUF REAL LIFE.  If you think, you are addictive, HELP YOURSELF! Relax, while playing, and ALWAYS remember... its just a game. Dont let the addiction, but the brain decide if and how much money AND time you spend!!!

Last tip: NEVER EVER PLAY LORDS MOBILE WHEN DRIVING!!!!! I have known about cases when this caused an accident... with the result the user DIED. A GAME IS NOT WORTH YOUR LIFE!!! DONT THINK, "its just 1 minute" or "I am a good driver"... BECAUSE THERE IS STILL A RISK OF ACCIDENTING WHILE THIS SHORT TIME... AND THIS GAME DOES NOT QORTH ANY RISK ACCORDING YOUR LIFE!!!

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The game can be part of one's lifestyle. It can be classified as a hobby or a passion. It is for me, a lot of my time is dedicated to the game. Of course there is an impact on real life, as with any hobby or passion - it requires time, energy, planning, and the like.

I hear you on the addiction, when things go overboard. Just like anything, too much of anything can be bad for you. Similar to gambling, there are good habits like it being a social thing or an engagement/hobby and bad habits like going broke or needing to sell your house because you went too far.

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Some people like myself like to relax by playing games. While it may lead to a slight addiction it helps relieve stress and make me happy. This is the same for most people and so those with higher skills in Lords Mobile and higher levels are usually those who started from the beginning or want to be the best at the game as it makes them happy.

Addiction isn't usually a bad thing, it just means that you enjoy doing something!
To have addicted members is a good thing as you know that your target audience is happy and that they enjoy your products. All games are based on this and without it nobody would be happy.

Have you ever been addicted to a game? It doesn't have to last forever, some addictions can last for as little as a day.

Am I addicted to Lords Mobile? Yes is the best answer there is ;)

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I can totally see your point, but if you say addiction is the result of fun, you might be wrong. Of course, there is kind of an addiction while playing a game, but there is one, which is mostly harmless and even usefull to relax - the SHORT TIME ADDICTION. Every good game has it ... and it means, when you enter a game having fun you will not be happy or even annoyed if you get interrupted by something else, f.e. your gf or internet. This is a sign of you having fun and there is nothing wrong about it.
But there is a second kind of addiction... which is more dangerous than usefull... thats the long-time addiction. This means, something in you (or outside, no matter) will make you wanting to enter the game when you at work, at home, etc. This means, the addiction is not WHILE YOU PLAY (harmless), but WHILE YOU OUTSIDE OF THE GAME.

If you ever played an egoshooter or any kind of simulation on pc/ps/xbox (or even games like hearthstone and clash royale... this is NOT MEANT AS ADVERTISING BUT TO ILLUSTRATE MY POINT -you will understand the difference. Egoshooters or simulations(or any other game without such intensive real time animation) will give you a short time addiction, as you will enjoy playing... but you probably wont be forced to enter them daily, BUT YOU WILL ENTER THEM WHENEVER YOU LIKE!!!
This game is the opposite - it FORCES you to enter every 8 / 12 hours to not loose your progress... and thats a part of  what makes it so addictive - in a BAD way. Because, no matter if you like or not, no matter how bussy you are, you are FORCED to log in regulary. Only like 0.5% of all games and maybe 2% of online games have such a game mechanism, so dont tell me thats what makes a game a "good" , " fun" or "competive" game. All it does is MANIPULATING you and this is what addiction is about.  But to be an addiction, something has to have a negative effect... drogs or alcohol addiction for example damage your wealth. What is it in this game?
Should be obvious, I thing. If you say, the game is part of your lifestyle, just check how much you spent on it this mounth :)  the negative effect is very easily said the wallet.
Its simiular to a casino addiction, but even worse - in  casino, you have at least a little chance to win more you loose. (And yes, a casino is fun too! Pokering for example is funny for many people). Here, you dont even have this chance. If you think, you are addictive(if not, this game is really a "game" and not like casino at all!) , and trying to defend it... are you realizing something? ;)  its very fast to forget or ignore how much you spend if you addictive (no matter wheter time or money!)... and thats probably what the developers intention is!  And if the game is part of your lifestyle (Not meant as an offend, but as an good-meant advise!) - NEVER forget there is a REAL LIFE. There are real people who give you much more than anyone in a virtual world even could - DONT FORGET ABOUT THEM !  I hope you understood what I was trying to make clear by differencing between SHORT and LONG TIME ADDICTION. Trust me, I had this phase of longtime addiction too and I am trying to help these, who are inside of it now, as it (in my experience) not only damages your wallet, but also your social contacts (as you have less time for your friends and family) and - sometimes - even your health (lack of sleep IS bad for your health!!!!). No games worths this !!!!!!

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Warning has been issued  Warning

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You need to gather every minute in a day :( aaahhhhhhhghg

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I named my guild addicted2hunting. I am a game addict and only accept addicted to LM applicants. MY GUILD IS FULL