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[Suggestion] Suggestion: Guild castle

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Hey all,

although the guilds are nice to have in this game, ive had a feeling something was missing. it was as if the guilds were just a bunch of individuals in one place without too much to bond them together. there are the events but if someone doesnt participate in those there is not much else he can do.

I came up with the idea to create a guild castle of some sort. This castle would not be on the map but would instead be accessable via a swap castle option in the turf screen. This guild castle would be some sort of guild turf with special guild building options.

There would of course be some special non buildable buildings similar to colosseum and essence lab.
For these i came up with:
# the diplomacy centre.
Here r4s and r5s can send and accept NAP, alliance and family requests. NAP cannot be hit, alliances will unlock certain features for teamwork and family will unlock even more features.
Wars can also be declared on other guilds, giving boosts when attacking them.
#the senate:
 Here the R4s and R5s can start guild votes. All guild members can put a vote on a certain problem that is put there. All other guild members can put ideas on guild topics there too.

# the guild training area, where the leadership can start special boosts that are like kingdom boosts for the guild.

# the duel hill. Here members can join some sort of showdown within the guild to become the king of the hill. The larger members will get a handicap to even out the playing field. Players can also challenge each other to 1v1s here.

Some ideas for the upgradeable buildings:

#the bank. Here all guild members can donate and withdraw resources of their own, or take a loan from the stockpile of another. this loan will be repayed by subtracting part of the rss production and 'direct payments'. There is a max amount you can keep stockpiled in the bank. This can be increased by upgrading the bank.

#The general science centrum. Here bonusses can be researched that affect all members of the guild.

#a gift center. Upgrading this will grant an extra gift for every amount of gifts the guild gets and improves the reward gotten from the gift

#the banner carrier. This will grant boosts to rallies under this guild's banner

#rss tiles. Here all rss buildings including the manor can be built that will automatically fill up the stockpiles slowly.

Paying for these buildings would be done with guild points. These can be earned by a donation system and participating in guild activities like dark nest rallies and the events like getting to a guild tier in kvk and guild fest. p2p would of course get a special way to get those but as F2P im not going to give suggestions on that.

thanks for reading that essay,

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