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[Suggestion] New features to allow participation in rallies/war other than joining a rally

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Posted on 2021-10-02 22:14:53 | Show thread starter's posts only

My suggestion is a new feature called 'Charms' or something similar where army boosts (att/def) can be granted to another castle in your guild. Obviously this will have to be capped to something like up to 10 guild members can grant another castle a charm for a duration of 5 minutes. Once a charm is granted BY a castle it can't grant another charm to any other castle for another 10 minutes. 

One key point - you can't grant a 'charm' if you're in fury and you can use it with a shield on (generally it'll be great to bring in new features for non fighting castles that make a great contribution to the guild otherwise and keep the sense of community and social aspect to the game instead of having to focus on full war guilds - it seems a massive waste to lose lords players because of this).

This way non rally lead/filler castles can participate to defend castles in same guild or help attack and hopefully make some kind of material impact to the outcome. They have to be online to use it and be aware of who in their guild is being attacked or who in their guild is leading the rally. It helps more people in a guild make a contribution but most importantly it's interactive such that it encourages players to be active and online...

Posted on 2021-10-03 14:02:41 | Show thread starter's posts only

thats an awesome suggestion. this will help all f2p players too who are building rally traps

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