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[Suggestion] New Lords Mobile App

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Posted on 2021-07-15 03:48:38 | Show thread starter's posts only

So many people out there looking for PUBLIC API so that they can manage guild easily, such as Event history, Monster Kills, Monsters Kills Count by Members every day, etc.

Although IGG is not interested in providing APIs for devs, IGG can build a Authenticated APP. WeGamer is out there and it's connected to Lords Mobile. So in the same way IGG can provide Lords Mobile Connection App.

What can we have in this App:

1. Guild Leader And Rank 4 Person can see and manage the track of Monster Kills and Events history.
2. All Members can see their history of MH kills, might history, kills history, last research & build history, etc.
3. We can also have a total of each type of speedup (individual and total of all). Also, RSS total, and other stuff. So that we don't need to go out and calculate it manually.
4. IGG can implement a troops calculator in the app. On websites it's there, so they can add in-app and set default subsidy and training speed in tool.

I have more suggestions but these are for now. I hope, IGG can take some time to build a new small app so that people can more focus on game instead of making EXCELSHEETS half of day ;D