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[Suggestion] 20 suggestions

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Posted on 2021-06-08 01:45:56 | Show thread starter's posts only

  1. I have some suggestions

    if you guys have any suggestion please message me or reply down, and I will add them
    1. many players are VIP 15 already, add more levels, and benefits are like, control how much energy you use when hunting a monster or fast  retraining familiars or auto collect ship while online, etc
    2. many players are asking that they can choose the number of hits when they hunt a monster
    3. lets us choose our own music to play in the game background, or just add more music
    4. The top 3 players with a bounty should have their location revealed on the map
    5. return half the bounty that we pay if our leader was killed or released without someone saving it
    6. we want to have the ability to organize the gear set and innate talent, and position them in different row number
    7. let us customize the darkness rally time, or just add 30 minutes and 20 minutes rally
    8. improve the monster chests and guild gift, and improve the reward from hunting monster too
    9. add new forts to the kingdom, training speed/familiar attack/familiar training/pack boost/construction speed/research speed/ less t4 cost. THERE IS A LOT
    10. add a familiar for tycoon token, we need one for that
    11. it would be great if we don't need to pay gems to switch talents
    12. add more talents and category in talents, like familiar it anything, this need to be updated
    13. player max level. are we gonna stay at LVL 60 forever?
    14. let us choose our own reward in the daily bonus chest.
    15. GUILD FEST NEED TO BE CHANGED, each quest need 30 minutes to refresh, and most guild doesn't allow quests under 100 points, we want an option that doesn't make them appear
    16. the rewards are BAD. upgrade them
    17. have a leaderboard for hell event/solo event/24h challenge. that would be great
    18. so we have a color for our guild members and we can't attack them, we want to have something like an ally list, where we could attack them but we get a message that reminds us that they are allies, and our allies should have different color
    19. rally start button, only rally lead can use it and it only works on darkness, waiting is very time consuming
    20. lets us use emoji in guild mail, it is really nice and fun, I mean we paid to be able to use them
    21. let us be able to write the reason why we kicked a member from the guild
    22.  bring back code 66, the even where monsters drop recources.
    23. let us be able to use emoji in the guild mail, i mean the game emoji, it would be very cool if this is done
    24. add a monster hunt research || and a darknest research ALL ALONE, like a whole full category for it

    i hope this message doesn't get somehow ignored xD

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Posted on 2021-06-08 21:14:22 | Show thread starter's posts only

Thanks , will feedback to our team.