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[Suggestion] Customer Service

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This is my first type of “war” style of game and I fell in love with it!  26 days in today!  I was totally happy up until last night.  My problem arose when I made a $99 purchase of what I thought was the pack that gave me access to the gifting and all sorts of benefits and what not.  This took my tally embarrassingly up to $725.33 after taxes which I really have no issues with.  The issues started with after I realized I had none of the benefits I spent an hour in messenger with a member of your customer support who was going to take care of it only to say that he was changing his mind since I spent some of the gems.   Well yeah I spent some of them I was being attacked it was what pushed me over the line and made me decide to do it so I spent some to rush my troops.  It wasn’t until I looked for the abilities I noticed I was short changed.  He said the only resolution for the “mistake” was to spend another $99 plus tax.  

So now I am forced to go through capital one which isn’t a huge deal but I really am bummed because all it would have taken was doing the right thing at the start and none of this would be an issue.  Instead while wasting time I lost all the troops I spent those gems on (couldn’t shield or port or anything while in instant message with support) and basically lost more than the value of the measly 22,000 gems I was credited for that $99 dollars.  The only recourse I have is to leave all the friends I’ve made and the game I’ve grown to really enjoy because capital one is going to do a charge back on the all the charges and advised me when they do that i. The coming days (I have to wait for the final purchase to clear) not to log in again from that point.

Was it worth it for the agent to change his mind?

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Tomorrow the transaction should finish clearing and that was what the credit card company was waiting for.  I. The meantime I made another attempt to bend over backwards to prevent this and just get what I paid for and you guys went out of your way to force me to either work with capital one or buy another $99 pack and hope it worked right the second time.  Here is a link to my final attempt Igg sent me.


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I'm sorry to see you in this position but it doesn't seem like IGG is wholly to blame for this.

All you need to do is send them a screenshot of your iTunes receipt where it says you purchased the $99.99 Combo-O Package incl. the order number, and they will give you the missing items. 

If your receipt does not say this, I'd imagine you bought the normal Gold Box package by mistake, which is understandable (a simple mis-click is what I'd guess - we've all done that before). In this case, there's nothing you can do. You would have been given what you paid for (even if it was not what you wanted to pay for), and accepted Apple's terms stating if you make a digital purchase, and use the digital goods, you are no longer entitled to a refund.

From what I could gather, you went from 350,000+ gems the morning of the purchase, to 2,848 gems at the time of conversation with Ares from IGG Support. I understand what you said about losing troops, and gemming them back, but you should have realised not to use all of your gems when asking for a refund. You can't buy a coffee, drink all of it, and say you actually wanted tea. 

You need to decide if your new friends and enjoyment in-game are worth $100 or not. I'd imagine they are if you've already spent over $700 but that's up to you.

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I don't understand why you didn't just provide your receipt if you were given the wrong thing. It makes me assume the receipt is not for the Champ pack you wanted, but instead for the Gold Box you received. 

From the correspondence with IGG you provided above, it looks like Ares tried to do what you wanted, but was unable as you'd spent all of your gems. 

You must understand that makes it seem like you purchased something, used it, and now want something else after the fact (I'm not insinuating that's what you did, just that it's a possible view of what happened).

Due to this, they are not telling you to 'buy it again', as in their minds, and on their systems, you never bought it in the first place.

This is not a withheld purchase, as if it was, your account wouldn't have been credited the gems for you to use -- as they would have been withheld.

Instead, you are possibly committing fraud (although I am no legal expert) as you already admitted your other previous purchases were successful, used in their entirety by yourself, and all items were received as-expected, yet you have completed a chargeback anyway. 

If you really think IGG scammed you, you have every right to report them to the Better Business Bureau. But know IGG may also have a legal case against you as you have admitted to, in essence, stealing from them.

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