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[Update Notes] Lords Mobile Version 1.26 Update Notes

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Greetings Lords! We have a new update coming soon to make Lords Mobile even more fun! With the new [Relieve Commander] feature and the ability to dismiss Allied Troops, Commanders can now manage their defenses with ease. Gone are the days when players would have to worry about making the first strike!

Relieve Commander: 

You can send an army with a Hero to relieve the troops stationed in a Wonder. The former Commander must withdraw from the Wonder before the Relief Army arrives.

Send reinforcements to the Wonder to bolster its defenses.
Your guild will retain possession of the Wonder if you withdraw the stationed troops. Occupation Time will continue until another guild takes over the Wonder.
When there is a Commander at the Wonder, you’ll see the buttons “Relieve Commander” and “Reinforce” in the Wonder’s Conquest Troop Info.
Relieve Commander
“Relieve Commander” can be tapped whether or not there is a Commander at the Wonder.
1. Deploying Conquest Troops 
When the Conquest Troops arrive at the Wonder, the game will check if there is a Commander there.
(1) If there is no Commander at the Wonder:
Your troops will relieve the stationed troops and you will become the new Commander.
(2) If the Wonder is occupied by another Guild:
Your troops will retreat. There’ll be an error message: “An army is in the Wonder. Unable to relieve!”
Conquest Troops:
These troops will use one of your Army Limit.
The troops can consist of Heroes and a Leader, and must have soldiers.
relief army can be sent whether or not you have troops at the Wonder/Fort.

※ Reinforcing:
1. Reinforcements can only be sent when there is a Commander at the Wonder when the troops arrive.
If the Commander withdraws the stationed troops before reinforcements arrive, the reinforcements will immediately retreat.
If a different Guild takes possession of the Wonder before reinforcements arrive, the reinforcements will immediately retreat.
When you have troops stationed at the Wonder, the “Reinforce” button will turn into a “ Recall” button.
You can’t reinforce when there’s no Commander at the Wonder.
※ When the Commander leaves the Wonder (also applies if the Commander leaves or is kicked from the Guild)
The Commander’s original Guild will retain possession of the Wonder. Occupation Time will continue.
All troops stationed at the Wonder will be withdrawn.
When there are no Squads (or Commander) at the Wonder, the button “Relieve Commander” will appear. (This is the same as Relieving.)

Set-up your battalions
Set-up your Heroes or soldiers with “Edit Battalions” via the Battle Hall. When it’s time to send them out, all you need to do is look for your battalion.
Tap Battle Hall

Tap “Edit Battalions” to display a list of battalions. You can have up to 5 different battalion set-ups.

You can select Heroes or soldiers for your battalion here.

You can name your battalions here. Names can have up to 10 characters, regardless of the language. Special characters cannot be used. If you do not name your battalions, the system will assign default ones, e.g. "Battalion 1".

How to deploy battalion
Once the "Edit Battalions" feature becomes available, a button will appear on the troop deployment page.

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When does IGG plan to implement community suggestions VIA Bugs&Suggestions?

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