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[Elite Trainer] Colosseum Guide by Hashimaru

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Colosseum Guide

First I would like to apologise in advance for my poor English. Not my native language.
The following guide is made by myself, with my way of thinking. So it is natural if you disagree :)

Ultimate skill & Magic Points mechanics.

Ultimate skill :
For Colosseum, your heroes will automatically cast their ultimate as soon as their Magic Points (MP) bar are full.

MP mechanics :
Your heroes generate MP whenever they attack and whenever they are attacked.
The MP you generate are proportionnal to the damage taken/given.
Be carefull ! This MP mechanic also applies for your enemy !
The more damage you take, the more MP you generate.
The more damage your enemy take, the more MP they generate !
So for example, if you plan to assassinate enemy Prima Donna with your Demon Slayer, make sure your Demon Slayer will ONE-COMBO-KILL her. If not, Prima Donna will generate a lot of MP very quickly and she will be able to cast her healing ultimate early in the fight. Moreover your Demon Slayer will keep auto-attacking as she is not dead yet… In this case, Prima Donna will be able to spam her ultimate resulting into a defeat.
To avoid this tragic situation, check if your heroes are same or higher lvl, grade and rank than your enemy.

Learn from your mistakes and use them to your advantage in the future :
The best way to improve yourself is to watch defense replays that you have lost.

Best heroes

In the colosseum, your team is composed of 5 heroes.
This is very situationnal but pick at least :
- 1 tank
- Prima Donna as a healer
- 1 stunner
- 1 damage dealer
There is no best team composition. Really not. This is up to you. Here are some heroes I recommend you to use.
Best Tanks :
1. Rose Knight
+ can stun all enemies team for 1 sec
+ can heal an ally + reduce damage taken by percentage
+ adds a shield to all allies at the start of the battle
+ high Magical Defense (M-DEF)
- pretty low HP for a tank
- medium Physical Defense (P-DEF)
A Must have. Rose Knight is tanky and she has great supportive skills.
2. The Big Guy
+ High HP
+ Very tanky, his passive grants him a damage reduction by percentage.
+ 3 spells, 3 stuns (1 sec each)
+ high P-DEF
- medium M-DEF
Tip : combine The Big Guy + Rose knight for a huge damage reduction.
He is one of the tankiest hero of the game due to his passive damage reduction. Moreover he has 3 stuns. What more could you ask for ?
3. Death Knight
+ pretty High HP
+ revives when killed
+ good physical damage when revives
- low P-DEF/M-DEF
Despite his low defense, Death Knight is a good tank thanks to his reviving spell. Moreover he has pretty high damage especially whith the reviving buff. When reviving, he can suprise the enemy team by focusing weak targets in the background (like Prima Donna, Petite Devil)
Best healers :
1. Prima Donna
+ heals the whole team
+ huge heal
- low damage
- weak
99% of the time you will pick Prima Donna as healer. Yes Prima Dona has the best healing spell of the game but keep in mind that she can only heal and nothing more.
2. Sea Squire
+ can heal the whole team
+ tanky
- medium heal
- random cooldown for his healing spell
- low AOE burst damage
Sea Squire is a tanky hero : he has twice as much HP & M-DEF as Prima Donna. But his healing spell is not his ultimate so it is difficult to predict when it will trigger. The reason why you will often not see Sea Squire in the colosseum is because of his low burst damage. Remember the MP mechanic : Sea Squire ultimate's deals AOE damage  -BUT- OVER TIME for 5 SECONDS. So ALL enemies will generate a lot of MP because of Sea Squire ultimate.
3. Rose Knight
+ heal and add a damage reduction buff
- only affect 1 target
Rose Knight is not really a healer. But when players use neither Prima Donna nor Sea Squire, they go for an assassin comp whit Rose Knight on frontline !
Best stunners :
1. Petite Devil
+ stun all ennemies for 5 sec
+ great magical damage
- very squishy
Petite Devil is amazing ! Her ultimate deals damage and stuns the whole enemy team for 5sec. Another spell deals AOE damage and heals the petite devil. The last spell deals high damage over time to one target. In return, she has very low amount of HP, maybe the lowest of the game.
2. Child of Light
+ AOE magic stun for 5 sec
+ tanky
+ great shield
- very low damage
Child of light is a tank. His HP are medium but his M-DEF and P-DEF are good and balanced. He deals.... no damage...  but he is used for his good stun and his big shield ! Works well with a magical damage comp because his ultimate reduces M-DEF.
3. The Big Guy
+ 3 spells, 3 stuns
Best damage dealers :
1. Tracker
+ deadly long range ultimate
+ longest ranged stun
+ good AOE damage
+ tanky compared to other Physical assassins
Tracker is my favorite long range assassin. She can one shot every non-tank hero with her ultimate. So even if an enemy is under Prima Donna's heal, tracker's ult will one shot him. In the colloseum, Tracker stays at very long range that makes her hard to kill first.
2. Demon Slayer
+ immediately jumps on squishies targets
+ huge area for his ultimate
- dies fast
Demon Slayer is a great melee assassin. At the start of the fight, he immediately jumps on enemy's team background, dealing a lot of damage to a single target. But in return he will get quickly focused by enemy. Sometimes he doesn't have time to trigger his ultimate as he gets focused too hard.
3. Incinerator
+ high burst
+ 2 AOE stuns
- very squishy
I think Incinerator is underestimated. She trigger her stun very often and her ultimate can stun too. Moreover her ignite hurts a lot. However she is squishy and dies quickly because of her mid-range auto-attack.


Counter tips

These following tips are theoretical but it can help you to pick the right hero at the right time.
If your enemy uses MAGICAL heroes :
- Demon Slayer : his passive (rank 7) grants him high M-DEF. He can also silence enemies (enemies can't use magical skills)
- Rose Knight : has high M-DEF and casts a big shield
- Shade : can silence enemies
If your enemy uses PHYSICAL heroes :
- Trickster : disarms enemies (enemies can't use physical skills), blinds enemies (reduce enemy accuracy)
- Snow Queen : her spell "Arctive Armor" increases ally P-DEF
- Soul Forger : best P-DEF hero of the game, he can also reduce enemy P-ATK and enemy P-CRIT chance.
If you use PHYSICAL heroes :
- Scarlet Bolt : reduces passively P-DEF of all ennemies (unlocked at rank 7)
- Black Crow, Watcher, Scarlet Bolt, Soul Forger : they reduce en
nemy P-DEF
- Night Raven : increases DEXTERITY of all allies (unlocked at rank 7, usefull if you have a lot of DEX heroes in your comp)
- Black Crow : increases P-ATK of nerby allies (unlocked at rank 7)
If you use MAGICAL heroes :
- Prima Donna : gives M-ATK buff to allies
- Sage of Storms : reduces passively M-DEF of all enemies (unlocked at rank 7)
- Child of Light, Elementalist : they can reduce enemy M-DEF


Examples of team lineup

As I said, there is no best team composition.
Look at the podium : You can have an idea about team lineup that work well in the current meta.
Attack & defense lineup are pretty same lineup. It is better if you add 1 tank to your defense team.
Lineup I like :
-          Rose Knight (tank, stun, support)
-          The Big Guy (tank, stun)
-          Prima Donna
-          Petite Devil (stun, damage dealer)
-          Tracker (damage dealer)
Lineup for Free-to-play players :
-          Rose Knight (tank, stun, support)
-          Death Knight or Oath Keeper or Child of Light (tank, stun)
-          Prima Donna
-          Incinerator (stun, damage dealer)
-          Tracker or Black Crow or Demon Slayer (damage dealer)
Assassin lineup :
-          Rose Knight (tank, stun, support)
-          Demon Slayer
-          Petite Devil
-          Incinerator or Snow Queen or Sea Squire
-          Tracker
Of course there are a lot of heroes I didn't list and/or I don't know yet.
If you have any suggestions or comments please let me know, I'd be happy to answer any questions. :)

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This was fantastic, thank you! I learned so much for the Colloseum, I am excited for the reset.

And your written English is far better than most whose mother tongue is English!

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Any suggestion against a tank-healing team.
A team that has 3 tanks and Prima Donna and a random hero (mostly Demon Slayer).

Most of time, I am running out time attack a team like this with all different team set up I can try with my hero limit . 
Sometime I can one shot the Prima Donna with Demon Slayer and I win, but in most case my Demon Slayer will make Prima Donna non-stop healing.

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You can try to counter a tank lineup with an assassin  lineup :
-          Rose Knight (tank, stun, support)
-          Demon Slayer
-          Petite Devil
-          Incinerator or Snow Queen or Sea Squire
-          Tracker

The combo Demon Slayer + Tracker is great : In the beginning of the fight, Tracker will instantly stun Prima Donnna . Tracker's AOE spell won't hit Prima Donna. At that point, your Demon Slayer should jump on Prima Donna and it's gg wp.

If you don't have Tracker :
-          Rose Knight (tank, stun, support)
-          Black Crow
-          Petite Devil
-          Incinerator
-          Tracker or Trickster
Don't take Demon Slayer because he will automatically focus Prima Donna and that's not what we want him to do.
I think Prima Donna is not necessary because you need to burst their 3 tanks quickly.
Enemy's Demon Slayer should die early in the game (if he gets stunned by Incinerator => it is auto-win for you as his jump spell will be cancelled by the stun).
Maybe don't use Tracker as her stun will give MP to Prima Donna. Your goal is to kill at least Demon Slayer + 1 or 2 tanks BEFORE Prima Donna ultimate. I think Trickster is good because he can disarm Demon Slayer if Demon Slayer jumps on you.

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Who does more damage Incinerator or Black Crow? And why crow seems to be popular dan inci?

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for a F2P person who wants to only buy 1 P2P hero for colosseum. Would petite devil be the one?

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Anything on Petite?

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I have a great team. But i want to switch one of the heroes out for petite. Which one? I have:
Rose Knight
Demon Slayer
Lore Weaver

I make mostly guides, but will soon make some events with rewards in the future too!
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Great work helping out the community! That was a brilliant thread :heart:

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