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[Elite Trainer] Newbie Guide - Hero Stages

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Newbie guide for Hero Stages

Hi, in this guide I will be covering all the basics around hero stages and show you a good team setup if you are confused about what heroes to use. 
Hero stages are one of the most important features to progress and achieve greatness within Lords Mobile. They will make your experience a lot easier and makes you stronger as a player.  They allow you to upgrade the grade of your heroes (Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic and Legendary). You are also able to gain XP for your level and hero levels from just simply completing a stage.
To access hero stages, you will need to select the large golden hero statue located in the centre of your castle.

This will allow you to see all the stages you have completed and shows the star rating for each. The star rating is chosen on how many heroes you lose completing that stage. In the early stages, you will unlock new heroes as you progress through the first chapter in the normal stage, which is called "Heroes' Assault". Once the normal version is complete you will unlock the Elite version. Note, you can only complete an elite section if you have complete the same version on normal.

When you have completed a normal or elite stage you will get the ability to sweep. This ability allows you to sweep as many stages as you can with your stamina located in the top left-hand corner. The main difference between normal and elite is that elite allows you to gain medals. These medals allow you to upgrade all the heroes that can be gained from the Hero Stages. The medals are vital for other features, such as Colosseum, Attacking, Hero Stages and Monster Hunt. This upgrades their damage and few other things on top.

As you progress through all the hero stages you will start to build up a lot of "Shards" and "Trophies". These are used to increase the hero's rank. There are 8 ranks are each are considerably harder to get. To unlock the next rank, you will need to gather 6 of the correct materials to indeed into the hero. When you have inserted all 6 of the chosen materials you will be able to increase the rank. Note, as you rank increases you will need to get materials from higher stages in the Hero Stages. When there is a green cross, that means that you have the correct materials to insert. When there is a yellow cross, that means you do have the correct material, but the hero's level is too low.

There are a few ways of increasing the level of your heroes. The main way is through feeding them with the food you receive completing Hero Stages. There are 4 different types of food, which are: "Honey baked Ham", "Lamb Chops", "Roast Turkey" and "Braised Beef". Each food type gives a certain amount of Hero EXP, with the lowest being the Ham and the highest is the Beef. When you increase their level their stats will be increased, making them deal more damage and allowing you to progress further into the game.

When you increase the grade of a hero, the battle skills and command size will be increased. The Battle skills can be found when you click a hero. Each grade will progressively get batter until you reach Legendary and that is the max skill that hero can be. For example, Rose knight gets a 2.5% Cavalry HP Boost at grey, 5% at green, 10% at blue, 20% at purple and 50% at gold. This means from grey – purple each grade is just doubling the previous, but when you go from purple – gold it is a 2.5x increase.

You also get a good amount of speed ups from Hero Stages. The higher you get in the stages, the higher speed up from each sweep you get. This will also depend on whether you are doing normal or elite. Although you only get around 10 mins of speed ups per sweep, it will all mount up when you decided to save them for a couple of weeks. Below I have shown you the different speed ups you will get from normal stage. However, I don't recommend every sweeping the normal stages.

Tips for you to think about.

  • Save your XP items for Heroes you really want to add to your team. OR use them as an emergency boost to clear a hard level.
  • Manually cast your abilities until your Heroes are strong enough that a miscasted spell won’t wipe your party.
  • Auto complete earlier stages for easy XP for low level heroes and too fast level current heroes as well as easily obtain items.
  • Use all your STA each day before your daily reset.
  • Increase your primary heroes rank for bonus troops in skirmishes.
  • Don’t waste your gems on promoting heroes.
  • Match your Hero command type to the type of troops you use for bonuses

Thank you for reading my guide. If there are any recommendations to make it better please contact me.

IGG ID: 377038483
IG Name: TJC2299

Have Fun :)
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