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[Elite Trainer] Newbie Guide - Free Gem Guide

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One of the things I appreciate most about Lords is the ease with which anyone can earn gems. In many freemium games, the currency you pay real money for is hard to get just by playing the game. It took me just under a year to earn the 670k gems to buy the required items to fully upgrade all four paid buildings (I did buy about 30k gems, but that is still a lot to get without paying for them). Here are all of the ways I could find to earn gems without paying for them. Many of these ways of earning gems are complicated and whole guides can (and have) been written about just one of them. However, this is just meant to provide an overview of how to earn free gems. If you are new, it would be beneficial to look at more in-depth guides about some of these methods, including the Colosseum, monster hunting, KvK, and Guild Fest.
1.      Treasure Trove:
This is probably the largest source of gems in the game. This building unlocks after you reach C17 and complete the final skirmish. You deposit gems in this building for either 7, 14, or 30 days. After the number of days has gone by, you will receive your gems back plus interest based on your Treasure Trove level, the length of the deposit, and the number of gems you deposited. The best strategy is to always deposit the max amount of gems for 30 days. This will give you the largest return for the amount of time. The hardest decision you will have to make regarding the Trove, is whether to upgrade it to lv 9, or leave it at lv 8. 3500 Crystal Pickaxes and 1 Golden Hammer are required to upgrade from lv 8 to lv 9, which is about 50k gems total. Upgrading to lv 9 trove will be beneficial in the long run, but without any research in Max Deposit, it will take 270 days before you earn 50k more gems than you would have with a lv 8 trove. So it is worth it if you are planning for the (very) long run, or have several ranks of Max Deposit research.
2.      Monster hunting:
Monster hunting is another great way of earning gems. The higher level monster you are hunting, the larger the amount of gems you can receive. The most gems you can earn per hit for each level of monster is lv 1-200, lv 2-400, lv 3-600, lv 4-800, lv 5-1000. I recommend that f2p players rush monster hunting until they can hunt lv 4 monsters. I earn around 400 gems per day just from monster hunting level 4 monsters. You will probably not do much damage to level 4 monsters, but the reward you get from hitting them is not connected to the damage you do, which is nice.
3.      Colosseum:
Every three hours you are awarded a number of gems depending on your colosseum rank, from 10 gems at rank 5,000, to 500 gems at rank 1. Like many things in this game, f2p players will be at a disadvantage for earning gems at the colosseum. There are many colosseum strategies regarding which heroes you should use against different opponents and depending on which heroes get the weekly boost. I have been playing this game for a while, and I still have not figured all of that out, so I won’t be giving any detailed advice on how to win. However,  the long term strategy I have found effective is to focus on just 5 or 6 heroes and rush them to gold grade and rank them up as much as possible. It is better to have a few strong heroes than it is to have a lot of mediocre ones. Look through all of the heroes to figure out which ones you want to focus on. I also suggest thinking about what you want your heroes to do, whether you want to damage monsters, win at the colosseum, use their troop boosts, or use their economy boosts. Then you pick the ones you want the most. Also, checking out more detailed colosseum guides is helpful.

4.       Kingdom v. Kingdom rewards:
Every month there is the KvK event. During this event you can earn a lot of gems in a few different ways. The first way is by completing the third rank of your Solo War. This requires a different amount of points depending on your castle level, but also gives a different amount of gems. At C25 it requires 1.8m points, but gives 6k gems along with a 3 day speedup and various other rewards. In addition, if your guild is one of the top guilds, you receive additional gems based on your rank.
5.      Gem Lodes:
After each KvK, Gem Lodes spawn with varying level of lodes depending on how well your kingdom did in KvK. These lodes function just like regular resource tiles on the map. You send your troops to them and they harvest the gems. There are five levels of lodes, each with a different number of gems. Lv  1-10, Lv 2- 50, Lv 3- 100, Lv 4- 200, Lv 5-500. Be careful when gathering from these tiles. I suggest watching your tiles while your troops are gathering as people are much more willing to attack gem lodes than they are to attack regular resource tiles. New lodes will spawn after a set period of time throughout the day after KvK is over. I am not sure of the exact timings, but the time it takes for them to spawn is slightly shorter than the time it takes to gather the previous lodes.  As the lodes are almost finished being gathered, get ready for new gems to spawn.
6.      Guild Fest:
The week following KvK is the Guild Fest week. The goal of the guild fest is to complete challenges to earn points for your guild. The more points your guild earns, the more and better rewards you receive. There are 20 levels of gifts, and for each level you choose one of three gifts. These can be chests, speed ups, items for your paid buildings, player experience, or gems. These gifts are different for each person, so the number of gems you can earn is partly luck and partly your guild working for higher gift levels. In addition, your guild is competing against 19 other guilds with the top 5 guilds getting additional gifts, including gems, based on their rank.
7.      Guild Gifts:
You can receive gems by opening guild gifts. These gifts are earned by killing monsters and buying packs. When 2,000,000 points worth of gifts have been opened, your guild gets an additional gift. Opening those gifts gives you guild gift experience, which will increase your guild gift level. The higher your guild gift level, the better the contents of the gifts. The gifts can contain resources, relocators, forging material, speed ups, shields, and gems. The number of gems you will receive each day greatly depends on the number of gifts you open, the rarity and kind of the gift, and your guild gift level. A low gift level guild that regularly kills the monsters they hunt can receive a few hundred gems per day, whereas a high gift level guild with lots of members buying packs and killing higher level monsters can easily result in over a thousand gems per day.
8.      Solo and Hell Events
The solo and hell events are challenges that you can work towards. The solo events refresh every three hours and the hell events refresh every hour. You earn points by researching, building, monster hunting, training soldiers, and participating in the labyrinth, all depending on what that particular challenge is looking for. Completing the third level of these events can result in gems. You can get 100 gems for a solo event and can earn up to 2,100 for a harder hell event. These are difficult, but they can be done with planning and saving up speedups. I recommend starting a long research and waiting until a research solo and hell event occur at the same time when the research is almost over. You should then use speedups to finish that research. If that is not worth enough points (a research is worth 1 point per might point that it is worth) then you should immediately start another research that will give you enough points to complete the challenge. Then use speedups to complete it after your guild has pressed the help button as many times as possible before the challenge ends.
9.      Maintenance:
Given that Lords is a game that is continuously being updated, the servers are sometimes shut down for maintenance. When this happens, everyone is awarded gems based on how long the maintenance was. Sometimes a maintenance is supposed to last an hour, but the gets extended several times. When this happens, the number of gems awarded increases. It is not uncommon to get up to 10k gems per month from maintenance.
10.  Labyrinth:
The labyrinth opens after you complete the final skirmish. You use holy start to attack the monster in the labyrinth. After you defeat it, there is a chance that a boss will spawn. Every time you attack the boss, you receive 300-500 gems. If you kill the boss you win the gem jackpot (usually between 100,000 and 2,000,000 on the normal labyrinth). This is a really tempting way to waste a lot of gems. The best way I have found to earn gems is to use your once daily free attack each day. It requires 10 attacks to kill the monster, and every 7 days the monster resets. On the seventh day, you will need to attack three extra times to kill the monster. You can earn free stars by hunting monsters. You rarely get them from regular monsters, but you can get many from the special event monsters that sometimes spawn. When there is a monster like the Serpent Vizier, or the Huey Hops, you can get many stars fairly easily. Save these stars for attacking on the day the monster will reset. If the monster dies and a boss spawns, attack it as many times as you can to earn gems. If a boss does not spawn, save your start for the next week at another chance to get a boss fight. It is not worth it to spend gems fighting the labyrinth. You will lose many, many more gems than you will earn.
11. Challenge Hero Stages:
Challenge hero stages are an extremely difficult hero stage set that awards gems for completing it. These stages restrict the number of heroes you can use, their level, their rank, their grade, and how many can die before losing. Many of these are possible with f2p heroes, although it is easier with certain p2p heroes such as the Big Guy and the Vengeful Centaur. These stages do not require stamina to complete and there are other guides online on how to beat them with f2p heroes.
12.  Mystery chests:
Mystery chests are the gold chests that you can open every several minutes. They usually contain small amounts of resources, but occasionally contain 50 or 100 gems. It is a small amount, but it can add up over time.

13.  VIP Chests:
Every day there is a number of VIP chests that you can open depending on your VIP level. These chests usually contain small amounts of resources, but they do occasionally contain speed ups and 10, 50, or 100 gems. Similarly to the mystery chests, it is not a lot of gems, but it is free and it can add up.
14.  Professor Gothrak’s Training School:
If you go to the news tab in Lords and scroll down, you will find Professor Gothrak’s Barbarian School. There are currently 11 lectures that you can read through to get a good basic understanding of the game. After completing each lecture, you will receive a prize. There are three lectures that will give you 100 gems each for a total of 300 easy gems.
15.  WeGamers:
WeGamers is a communication app similar to the Line app. It can be linked to your Lords account. By logging on every day and checking in, you can earn points that you can use to buy packs that you redeem on your Lords account. The packs include things like relocators, gold, speed ups, and gems.
16.  Miscellaneous IGG Events:
IGG has many random events that allow you to earn gems. Whether it was their selfie contest, their trivia contest, the Easter event, or a guide writing event, there are many ways to earn gems. It pays to pay attention to what current events IGG is holding because the odds are pretty good that you can easily earn some gems. I thought that given the millions of people who play Lords there would be hundreds of thousands of participants, but there are usually not that many. It does take some time to invest in participating, but you can earn a lot of gems, which is great for those of us with more time than money.
Thanks for reading. If there are any other consistent ways of earning gems for free, please comment so that others can learn about it.

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IGG ID: 206271350
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