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[Elite Trainer] Newbie Guide - Castles on Kingdom Map

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Hi all,

So this guild will be mostly for new players about Castles on Kingdom Map and what you can see when you click on them. 

After a time it will be very obvious and until then this might help - also, it's good to read all as I will explain all buttons you can see. 

Let's get started and break these down into 2 main groups. 

1. When you click on Turfs\Players that are in the same guild as you

- On the top left you will see two buttons the boomark and the close. 
- The bookmark will help in savign that specific location (basically you can bookmark anything).
- The players Guild tag and make in the upper middle follosed by the might, troops killed, guild name and kingdom. 
- View Profile: You will be able to view the players profile to see stats and gears
- Send Garrison: The garrison is a type of reinforcements although in this case the garissoned troops will be in fronth of the wall and will fight first (before enemy troops get to the wall). 
- Send Resources: You can send resources to guildmates this is quick-button.
- Reinforce: The reinforced troops will stand after the wall and will only fight once the wall is down. 

B. When you click on Turfs\Players that is in a different guild OR not in a guild

- If the players is not in a guild, you will have the option to Invite to Guild (if you are the guild leader or Rank 4)
- You might notice a difference of 3 buttons one of them is the Rally Attack (where your guild joins up forces and does a massive attack on the player)
- The other two are Scout and Attack

IGG ID: 397952299

Have a great day!

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