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[Elite Trainer] Construction and Research Guide

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Construction and research are the some of the most important things to focus on in Lords Mobile. Without different constructions and research it will be much harder to gain might or advance in the game. Also certain constructions are required to advance to your next castle level.


Research is one of the best and easiest ways to increase might and help yourself become self sustained. Your research is done in your building called the "Academy". The higher level you upgrade your academy to the higher level researches you can unlock. If you are a free to play player or don't plan on spending a lot of money on the game try to focus on monster hunt research and economy research. These two areas of research will be very helpful to you in the long run and will help you become self sustained. Monster hunting is very important because attacking monster gives you materials for relics, resources, and can give you gems. The higher monsters you attack the better the rewards are. Another important thing is after you kill a monster you get a monster box in your guild gifts tab which benefits everyone in your guild! Furthermore, you should also work on your economy tab in your academy so that you can increase the amount of resources you make, increase you gathering speed, max army capacity, construction speed, etc. Maxing your research for construction speed and resource production speed will help you out tremendously. You will be able to make a lot more resources which you can use for constructions, research or to send to guild mates that need it. The construction speed will make all future constructions take less time. Faster construction time helps you progress faster in the game and can take days off construction time based off of how high you get it. However, you should not only work on those two tabs, you should also do your military research. Make sure you max your economy and monster hunt for your academy level before you work on the military research available for that level. This will help you to protect yourself from people attacking you and help you when attacking others. In the military tab you can increase your troops health, attack, hp, army speed, and scouting results. 


In order to advance to the higher castle levels, make more troops, increase resource production, and to unlock more researches you will need to do lots of constructions. Without constructions you wouldn't be able to make lots of resources and or get higher level troops and research.  When starting off you want to construct two barracks, 8 manors and 6 infirmaries. This will give you a good amount of training speed boost in order to keep making troops whilst having enough infirm space to keep all of your troops safe. For resources you want to make an equal amount of the Mines, Quarries, and Lumber Mills, however you will have minimal Farms; maybe one or two. 

How to Increase Research and Construction Speed:

In order to maximize your research and construction speed you should max out your construction and research speed 1 and 2 talent skills. This will take days off large researches and constructions and help you progress much faster. You can also create relics that have construction or research speed boosts. If you want to find good relics with these boosts you can go to the filter and click on either construction or research speed and it will show you all of the relics with that boost on it. 

Thank you for reading this guide and I hope this can help a lot of the newer players out :).
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