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[Elite Trainer] How to attack castles 101 (mainly for noobs)

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trevorpeace here, i burn a LOT of people, its how i enjoy the game. So, imma share my strategy. So when you attack a castle, you can either do it solo, or rally it attack with your guild.For Solo Attacking, you have to rely only on yourself, so you better be prepared.
1. Make sure the person you scouted you can handle. Do not attack someone you cant alone, rally attack him instead.
*always make sure you use your BEST troops. You will lose more if you dont. Dont use any troops below the tier your enemy is on. Intelligence report is a usefull thing to research. The higher the better.
2. If you can, make sure you have a lot of siege-engines. If you cannot take down the walls fast enough, you WILL lose. Your moral will be too low to win or you will lose too many troops, which usually come together.
3. Prepare your army accordingly to your enemy; every troop counters another. Ranged counters calvary, calvary counters infantry, and infantry counters ranged. For example, if he has a majority of calvary, send more ranged. If he has more infantry, send in calvary. (Although personally, i like to keep a lot of all and send my whole army and overwhelm.)
4.Choose your heroes strategically. Each one brings buffs to your army. My army is mainly Calvary, so i bring calvary buffs from my leader and usually whatever buffs my counter for their main force in their army
5. Last, once you deploy your army, if you have the army limit of at least 2, scout him before you reach him: this may seem pointless but if he has more troops from before, maybe his guild helping or he gemmed some troops, it can enable you to recall if necessary. There are some fights you just cant win alone.
Rally attacking:
1. The only main thing i need to say is make sure you ask for specific troops like if its a strong enemy with t2s, ask for t2s. (Tier 2s for those who dont know.)
2. If you dont get enough where you feel comfortable attacking, dont. Send the troops home and cancel the rally. Again, there are some fights you just cant win.
Guide by trevorpeace from kingdom 100

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Hi there, thank you so much for your Guide. Please let us know your IGG ID and we will send you your reward ASAP. Thanks.

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