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[Elite Trainer] Tips & Tricks

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Hello all, 

Welcome to Tips & Tricks - Event related topic.
Here I will post some tips that may be helpfull for you ingame on 2 different levels: Beginner and Advanced.

Beginner Tips

  1. First of all , play it safe. In the beginning I recommend to not attack any guildplayers at all since usually most guilds got such things as allies and friends that will aid them in battle , and you as starter player won't have any chance and this will affect your growing (as resources , building and troops).
  2. For the second tip I'd like to give you is joining a guild , a guild that suits you and have fun with , that helps eachother to grow. Guilds can send you resources and helping hands to increase your building and research speed. Also they can send troops to reinforce you and help you with defending and attacking.
  3. Related to tip 2 , see what Kingdom your guild is located in. It happends alot that someone of Kingdom 3 joins a Kingdom 1 guild. If you found a guild that suits you and you're having fun with make sure you are in the same Kingdom. Are you below castle level 5? You will still be able to transfer from kingdom to kingdom with the relocate item found in your bag. Simply go to the kingdom you wish to port to , find a tile and press transfer. Remind only available till castle level 5.
  4. Use your talents wisely , In the beginning and also later in the game (depending on the situation) I recommend spending your talents in the so called farm spec. This means spending your talents in Construction speed, Research speed, Gathering & the last would be optional (personal preff is training speed). With the talent reset item you will be able to reset your points (more usefull later on if spending them wisely)
  5. Big tip which helped me incredibly. Save up your turf quests. If you see that you finished some turf quests don't simply claim them to get rewards. Save them up and claim those resources when you really need them. It may slowdown your might but once you really have something to save for or you are maybe planning to get multiple buildings speeded up for an event THEN claim those turf quests. You will get tons of resources and not forgetting the exp you will recieve , your leader level will highly increase and so does your might then (on lower level). Don't claim them while you don't necasseraly need them and rick your resources to get raided or your food eaten by your troops.
  6. Small tip , don't waste time and precious resources in building farms and barracks. 1 farm will be enough since the rest will be gathered , raided & sended by any guildmembers etc. As far as barracks goes , I would stick to 2 barracks and manors & infirmaries equally devided. Also dont worry about your upkeep doing down , once you reach 0 food nothing will happen to your troops like they would die. Simply farm , raid or ask the food you need when you need it.
  7. Shelter , If you are saving up troops and you can't be online for time then shelter those troops and keep them safe. Ofcourse you may lose some resources but healing wounded soldier or recruiting new soldier because your others died in defending or battle usually cost more (as beginner). Also watch your tiles when gathering , some players like to fool around and can hit your tiles, on the tiles you won't have any wall or traps to defend or infirmaries to heal your troops so be carefull on those. When the edge of your screen turns red it's an alert , see what is happening and what is getting attacked or scouted and try handle to the situation.
  8. Last one for the beginner tips , spend your gems on VIP till you reach VIP 8. Here you get the benefits to auto complete admin and guildquests. Make sure that when you do spend gems on VIP first take a look at how many gems do you have and how many point you need for the next VIP level. Lets say you need 10.000 points for the next level and you only have 5000 gems (equal to 5000 VIP points) then save up to 10.000 gems first , you never know when you need the gems.

This was it for the beginner tips , ofcourse there is A LOT MORE to tell and explain and for any questions feel free to contact me either on here on ingame on iSphinx. Next we move on to the more advanced tips (most experienced players surely already know them yet I will highlight them for those who don't) :)

Advanced Tips
  1. Starting off with Beginner Tip 5. Saving up my turf quests still has a big advantage for my , especially now since some buildings require alot of resources to upgrade (thinking in castle and high level research). Also simply because my troopsize has grown alot lately and my food will be brought to 0 within a couple of min (depending on my food amount ofcourse).
  2. Forging and Equiping your gear. Now you are at a level where building and researching takes quite some time , if you did use the farm spec and have your construction speed and research speeded fully talented then all you can do more is paying attention to your gear. See which gear has alot of construction speed and research speed and forge those. Make sure you equip the right piece of gear before you start your construction or research and save precious time. Also when you decide to attack and farm multiple players make sure you equip your attacking gear and reduce the amount of your troop losses.
  3. Split your troops , this would ofcourse also count for the beginner players so if you are reading make use of this tip ;). When gathering split those troops to get the max resources in minimum time. Check your castles army limit and see how much troops you can deploy. Lets say you have 200.000 troops , and your army limit is 4 and you are looking for wood and stone simply send out 4 armies to 2x wood & 2x stone. 200.000 : 4 is sending 50k to all 4 , make sure you are not wasting troops for gathering resources that aren't there. For example if the tile contains 30.000 wood and you are sending troops that can gather 200.000 resources then send some less troops and those you have left send them to a bigger tile.
  4. As last for the advance tips , after reaching the VIP 8 level safe up your gems and your speedups. Once you got enough you can try and go for hell events stage 3 , here you will get alot of precious items that become handy later on in the game. Check the category and see where the points at. For example if you can get point by upgrading a building and your lets say level 23 castle is only 6h away from finish , speed it up. The more time the upgrade or research cost the more points you will get.

Also for the advanced tips there is A LOT MORE to tell and don't forget you can ask anything if you would like to know some more. Theres a ton of players with more knowledge than me but I hope it was helpfull :).
PS , Apologies for my english :D

My IGN: iSphinx
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This is very good guide :)

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Very useful tips!

"Don't fight a battle if you don't gain anything by winning."

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Yeah good Guild.. can u post more on tactic part for battle..

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Can you please explain me what is the brave hearts and it's uses

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