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[Elite Trainer] Tutorial Guide

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Just started your adventure in Lords Mobile and aren’t sure what to do? Well, we’ve got some helpful tips for you!

1) Talent Points
When you level up, you’ll earn Talent Points that can be used to boost different attributes. We recommend maxing out Construction Speed, Research, and Training Speed. This will greatly help developing your turf! If you accidentally put your points in the wrong talent, use a Talent Reset item from the Guild Shop.
2) Resource Allocation
Pick one of the following resources: Food, Stone, Timber, or Ore. Focus on building and upgrading that specific Resource building. Allocating Talent Points to the corresponding talents will also help boost your resource production. You can get the other resources by trading your chosen main resource with your Guild members. With this method, you can stay safe during Kingdom Wars.
3) Train Your Troops
Gather resources and train as many troops as you can! It’s best not to attack other players during the earlier stages. However, if you intend to take another player on, keep these points in mind:
- Always scout before attacking. Know your enemy and never attack blindly.
- Only attack if the player’s resources exceed their vault limit. This will allow you to seize their resources from them.
If you don’t have access to higher tier troops, train some lower tier troops first! Conserving resources and waiting to unlock higher tier troops will only hinder your progress.

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How can I tell who put troops in my embassy?

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I need to get free gems

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What is the difference between a reinforcement or Garrison in the game????

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This game sucks - protect weak turfs not balanced game 100 - 200M mighty turfs fight 1-10M mighty turfs. What a shame nothing interesting real SCAM for money.

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Howe i calculate solo event and hell event poin
Howe i knowe which construction and research are completed hell/solo event

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The Game should abstrain higher level Guild like say 2 levels up from being able to Attack a Guild which is 2 levels weaker (like a level 10 Guild can't attack a level 8 Guild) I'm having a hard time and angry time being picked upon an attacked by high levels strong players.Its being very unfair and annoying feeling.And I'm beginning to loose the excitement despite the colourful setup lords Mobile Kingdom have got ready

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Pain in butt