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[Elite Trainer] knowledge is power - beginer build guide

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so you start off on your brand new adventure in the world of lords mobile, how do you start? and what is a really good way to start?
i will cover from castle 2-17.

as you start off you should clear the first 3 skermishes as soon as possible so you can start running your economy.
first thing you should do is build your 4 resource farms as soon an possible and build you academy. your primary research should be focused on constuction speed and unlocking the *first monster hunter.
*i advise this because even though your heros dont have a lot of power, you still get resources and gems for hitting a lvl 1 monster.
joining a guild is also great because helping people give guild coins which you can buy speed boosts with and for every person that helps you a minute gets reduced on your buildings and best of all your guild buddies can send you resources to help you our with your progression
before upgrading to any castle higher you should have all your buildings maxed for your castle

a good build i have seen and used is to have 2 ore mines, 3 lumber mills,3 stone quarries and 4 farm.

the talents you get over the course of lvling up your player is to have your reserch maxed and your constructions maxed just to help you progress a lot faster (max construction takes off 50%+ of your overall time),and once you have thoes two maxed you should put the rest into recruitment time reduction

whilst you have your construction and research you should begin doing the hero stages, the first chaper is a must as it gives you a healer, 3 long ranged , 3 single hitters, 2 aoes and a tank (sage of storms,oath keeper,death archer,snow queen and prima donna), once you complete chapter one you will unlock the auto button and the quick run (if you 3 star a main stage then you can "farm" it for speed boosts)

ranking up your heros is one of the most valuable parts of the game as your hero increases the max number of troops you can send out in one army, they allow you to compete with others for rankings in the Colosseum (will talk about this in the later part of this guide) and they give you special boost to help you progress in your turf (only your leading heros boosts work)

as you approach castle lvl 9 you should immediately research tier two troops, these troops will allow you to progress further into your turf, after you have around 5k+ of all 4 tier 2 troops you should try and complete the skermish 4-7,
once you beat turf 4 you should build 2 infirmarys 3 manor and one barracks, this allows you to have a large amount of safe troops for defense and it will allow you to produce gold and train troops faster. at this point you should also start researching your walls and defenses because you may start engaging into fights with other players. and once you get skermish 5-7 you should build 4 more mansions 3 more barracks and 2 more imfirmarys, and fill the rest of the free spots with farms (food is vital for a lot of things)
at castle 10 you should start doing colloseum as soon as you unlock it because once you are below rank 5000 you get 10 gems per 3h which is like a mix between a gem farm and some hero competition.
you should also build the remaining buildings like the prison battle hall embassy (not mentioning workshop,academy and trading post because they are required in upgrading the castle) and maxed them out as much as possible (prison require hand cuffs which you can buy for gems or get from guild chests and same with the battle hall because they require battle tombs, max everything out (both research and buildings) till you reach castle 17, here you want to begin researching tier 3 troops, do all your research and upgrades.
also if you have 10k gems you should put them in the treasure trove for 30 days as it gives you 8k gems for free after 30 days.

i hoped this helped you guys (sorry if it sounds like im one of thoes school teachers that blab on :D) and for any improvements please comment.

ps. once you reach tier 2 troops make as many as possible without using gems (if you want) as they can collect resources from resource tiles and they can defend your base.

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Hi, thank you for your guide, we'll send you 2K gems in 24 hours.

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Thank you.

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