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[Elite Trainer] “Knowledge is Power - [Solo play in KvK]”

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Editor ign: In The Dark    IGG ID: 119059363

General information about solo play: (If i have made somewhere mistake with the calculation tell me to correct)

♠ Attacking phase

● First and the most important this information is for playing smart and losing less troops as possible for people who dont pay a lot of money for the game. GOLDEN RULE: infantry > archers > cavalry > infantry

● First step when starting solo play in kvk is to check talent points and relic items:
!!!! Remember if Leader hero is not with the army - the talent points and relic items don't work on the army - this means army have the power (strength) only from the points in your research upgrades.

- Talants - Explanation for max level 60 total amount 278 points. 

When making talent tree there is few ways you can go for attacking and i will explain them all. They are 2 very used options and 3 options that are used only from more advanced players. 

The minimum formula you start in Talent tree is always like this: 5+3+3+3+15+15+5+5+5+5+5+50+50 (This is the min points you start, because you want to make army ATK, DEF and HP to the max because these points go for all of your army! Quick calculation 278- (the minimum points) = 104 points left. 

From here on you have 5 options as follows: To go 1) infantry+ranged 2) cavalry+ranged 3) full cavalry 4) full infantry 5) full ranged
I want to say that for us the best is 1) and 2) because not good gear not good jewels not enough money 

How to use 104 points for:
1) Infantry offense III - 50p  + Range offense III - 50p   4p in infantry II
2) Cavalry offense III - 50p + Range offense III - 50p  4p in cav II
3) cav offense i+ii+iii 50+20+15 rest points for archers
4) inf offense i+ii+iii 50+20+15..... 
5) range off i+ii+iii 50+20+15 ... rest points by your choice

- Relic items - take the items that is the best for you army talent points make your strategy be sure to match them so you can increase and boost your army the most.

Going into other kingdoms: always put world chat and take a look if they post your coord, if they do so random teleport to reduce chances to get zeroed. When you random teleport always 1st thing look at map - and click big zone map check where you are near wonders/base its critical easy someone to hit you.

During attacking: watch for players army go back to turf and try to hit in the same time follow seconds of army. If you want to slow down your army use 1 siege troop. So e.g  i send 100k cav and 149.999 archers and 1 siege to go slowly if you are close to enemy and after that control attack with speed troops travel speed. 

#Update So another thing i use is to build 10-15k t1 troops - 1 week before kvk. Right now i have 10k cathapract (t1 cavalry) because i go with talent set cav+arch and because when my army fights enemy - my army cav stays in front and after that archers so i send 130-40k t3 cav + 10-20k t1 cav + 130-50k t3 archers ⇨ I make this because i lose many t1 and i save some t3 instead ☺. I choose this because many players have infantry so CAV counters INF and then i send archers because RANGED counters CAV.

Defending phase 

I always make sure my turf has 0 soldiers i hide by shelter/fake rally army and leave only 250k to attack and to move them quickly. Dont give chance to enemy to kill your troops. Use anti scout as much as possible.

Increase infarmaries: At the moment i have 250~k space but i will go for more. Trust me after some time when altar prison battle hall is finished and you research your military gems can be used for troops only and will be very easy.

In case e.g 400+ mil player wants to catch your army do this: Put everything in shelter. Your army (250k + leader hero is coming back for 30sec) and enemy attacks you after 34sec dont panic hide all in shelter go out to map click on offline player press rally attack and wait on the menu for attack. When army comes pres all heroes and all army and attack (2-3seconds need it) and you will be okay.  IMPORTANT: 1st heroes then army because if you press 1st army then heroes you will send 200k only !!! remember 

This is for now i will change some stuff later in future or if something needs to be edited/corrected please share with me and i will correct.

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Suuuuuper, tx brat :)

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Thx bro. This info is great
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Hi, thank you for your guide, we'll feature you in our event post or even social media in the future and send you 20K gems in 24 hours!

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Thank you very much gems recieved.

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this is very nice....

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Your so powerfull

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Thanks guys appreciate it :)

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Thanks for all your help

I have been
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Good guide for new players but not sure where you can see so much infantry, everywhere i look there is almost none, only the odd ones in mixes but that tends to be the least troop

And if you do go cav and range against inf and range and they are in archer phalanx (likely they will be since everyone uses cav) then either way on your formation youve lost