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Hey guys, i'm AshyX from K:11, Guild (PWG)

I am fairly new to this game but then again this game is fairly new. I wanted to make a guide telling you the ultimate building management guide for Lords Mobile. 

Resources: (Skirmish 6)
Firstly your of course going to need atleast one of each farm, mine, quarry, lumber mill otherwise you wont be able to build and upgrade all of your buildings. After that you will have 14 spots to allocate to 4 different types of buildings. In theory you would want 4 of each type except for one which would have to only have 3. But in reality your only sharing it between 3 different buildings because of current game mechanics farms are of no use of you at all. DO NOT BUILD ANY FARMS BESIDES ONE. So now 14 is divided between 3 which still leaves you with one building type that only has 4 of it. So the question is which one do I leave out. It doesn't really matter but I would suggest you leave out mines as they in general seem less needed.

1x Farm
4x Mines
5x Lumber Mills
5x Quarrys

So this is where it can get a bit tricky is balancing your military buildings and manors. What I do which seems to work quite well is firstly just build as many barracks as you need to fit your schedule. For example if I am going to goto school and I want to train some troops in the morning, I want them done in time before I goto bed so I can train some more. I also want to have them done before I get up in the morning so I can train them again. So just mix and match around till it fits your schedule, Personally I would have 3 higher level ones. Note if your on t1 troops right now the time to train the same amount of t2 troops goes up quite considerable. For infirmaries you want to have as a base around 3 inc your first one. Keep them at the max level possible at all C LVLS because they are incredibly useful as troops dieing is not good and wastes a lot of resources. If your army ever gets too big for your infirmaries make it a priority to demolish a manor and replace it for an infirmary. For the rest of the slots no matter what skirmish your up to you want to have manors to produce gold as it is such an important resource.

x2-3 Barracks
x3 Infirmaries
Rest Manors

Hope you guys enjoyed my little guide here on building management. If you have any questions please reply and ill be sure to answer it and remember YOU CAN CHANGE THIS TO YOUR SPECIFIC NEEDS. Everyone plays the game differently feel free to change a building or two up based on what you need.

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Pretty standard....not very original. A lot like many guides.

"Don't fight a battle if you don't gain anything by winning."

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Guys please. No more than 1 barrack. The training time will get very long and you really don't need more than one :)

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THAT 's cool