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[Guide Event] Knowledge is power - Beginner start-up time management

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Posted on 2016-10-26 22:03:16 | Show thread starter's posts only

Hi all,

In this guide I want to start with the talent tree. When I first started out I was putting my talent points in attack, defense thinking it'll help in the levels to come. Boy was I mistaken!!

Start by putting talent points into your resources, look for the construction and research on your talent tree and put the bear minimum points until you reach those two. Max construction and research, it will save you a heap of time. Really until you reach a decent level (above 17), that you can actually use the offense side, for the most part you'll be gathering materials and attacking monsters.

After you maxed the construction and research trees, youll be free to either expand max load and gathering or start going down the offensive tree picking up and maxing out your training speed, totally up to you, chose depending on your style of gameplay.

Now that you know the direction of your talent tree, let's do construction.  Starting area has no choice but what is given, now the choices you have are on how many farms/mines/etc or barracks/mansion/etc.

On the resource side you'll learn quickly that your army will soon or later too big for the farms, i would suggest 2 farms and keep them maxed, until you hit castle 11 will farms really not be useful. The army get too big and its not worth keeping too many farms, since when the food hits 0, there is NO penalties. When you need food gather it, it takes a bit of time to go down so you have time before you need to spend it.

On the other side you have mansions, hospitals and barracks. I suggest early on all mansions, when you open up your fields you should in the end have three hospitals, two barracks, the rest mansions. Mansions produce money and also reduce training time. Reducing the training time is the best for time management. Although training a large amount of troops might sound better, when it comes to training troops in a day, you'll be able to train more with mansions compared to more barracks.

Keep the big constructions for when you sleep,  so in the morning you can start another before you go to school or work.  Deconstructing takes a long time, plus it stops you from upgrading other building, that is why I'm  saying keep one or two farms/barracks so you don't have to take time destroying them later.

You'll notice that some characters and items also help reduce construction and research time.  FInd them and use them. Early on trickster is a great character to grab, he helps with the monster hunting too, I would highly recommend getting him.

Hope it helps.

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IGG ID# 368974895
Posted on 2016-11-02 16:27:40 | Show thread starter's posts only

Hi, thank you for your guide, we'll send you 2K gems in 24 hours.

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