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[Guide Event] The problem with lords tales- it's supposed to be a writing competition...

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Posted on 2019-11-16 23:47:02 | Show thread starter's posts only

As someone who put actual effort into their story it is almost insulting to see how the event is progressing, the event is not anonymous enough and votes are not even really about writing...

It is supposed to be a writing competition but all i see is clickbait and generic entries (honourable mention for about 8 actual decent stories in the entire top 50).
I think this should be addressed sooner rather than later, if the event itsself cant be changed anymore (for example removing or replacing all story images on the front page) then perhaps the reward bracket could be expanded to make more people happy. Although the lords cube is limited to 100, the in game rewards could be spread to the top 200-300 perhaps (the castle skin for like 200 and pack rewards for 300 for example)
Although this is my personal opinion i know it is shared by many, this is one solution that would give more credits were its due, since most good stories are not at the top but more in the middle from what i have read.

For future similar events i would suggest additional rules to make images limited to cover art etc instead of personal images not related to the story. Also, to perhaps hide names of entrants from the front page as well and ony leave story titles.
This is, after all, a writing competition and should at least give people who are not famous or clickbait a chance.

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