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[Off-Topic] The Lords Mobile that I wanna play

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=== NOTE ===
Don't take this post as a complaint. This is just my dream that how lords mobile should be played and well managed/equalized so that every player get a chance to enjoy it.

**** STORY BEGINS ****
Well, everyone knows lords mobile is an award-winning competitive game and it has so much fun. it has two kinds of gameplay P2P(Pay to Play) && F2P(Free to Play). Almost, everybody knows this. Nothing much to talk about it.

But Every F2P once in life complains about P2P game-play in lords mobile and they can't do anything about it. Bullies are not going to stop and when you'll write something about you, 1 answer you'll always get - "You have shield and shelter to keep yourself safe."

Yeah, that's a right answer. You daily shield and shelter to keep yourself safe.

But tell me just 1 one thing, how long will we have to shield and shelter as a F2P? Come on you know how hard it's F2P against P2P. F2P Takes so much time to match the P2P. so you want F2P to log in daily and shield and shelter? if he'll do shield and shelter then when will he enjoy the game?

I mean 4-5 Years, I'll only shield and shelter to match a P2P. so to enjoy this game I need to wait 4-5 years or more? Come on.

Now, some of the answers to this situation are you can be a solo trap in 1-2 years. and that's true, we can be a solo trap with the help of great guildmates. but once you become solo traps and you kept 2-4 leaders will they solo you again? NO WAY.. a Big T4s rally will be set on you to bend your knees.

Now, people will say that is what game is all about. Yeah, this is what game is all about.

But, why are you bending your knees?


Yes, You guess it right because a Big P2P Player is setting a rally on you. F2P also set rallies, no doubt. but that 2-3 out of 100.

So Overall, you see enjoyment is not available in Game for most of F2P.

you've seen some Castle 17-24 Or Castle 25(low Might) attacks some players because they think enemy is equal or little less in power and we should give it a try and then in few mins a Big Player just jumped next to that Attacker and Zeroed him :D it's fun to see someone burn but dude, you're a big player. once for a while at least think what you're doing. You're not having fun, you're just bulling someone small. That's it. You're not proving your strength on investment that you get on your castle.

Well. Ignore all these things... Let's come to Main Post Content...


I think kind of game I imagine is possible if some P2P will show some support and respect for f2p or small players. there are a few points that I think about a good fun game on lords mobile :

➣ There should a weekly competition between every 2 guilds with almost the same size. So whole week they gather/research/train troops and on weekends the war will begin. Guilds will prove their strength the whole day or how long they wanna play. it will be a fair fight between 2 guilds. The 3rd party will not disturb them. P2P & F2P both will be in this competition. so your best players will stand for honor, small players will help to stand by your side. Familiar ATK/ Solo Trap/ Leader Rescue Everything on the same day. Without having a fear that someone will gonna port next to you and gonna zero you. So it's just 2 guilds no one else.

I think it will be so much fun that every Sunday/Saturday you'll fight in the whole kingdom everywhere. you talk with the guild and fix a match. and prepare yourself for war. you make strategy, connect with your friend on calls. you do a proper war and have fun.

➣ The second thing that comes in mind that why all these wonder wars only for big players? I mean they are taking base and fort as well. why? I mean why don't give chance to small players to fight for forts so that they can have the fun of wonder war and the kingdom will be more active. in the most kingdom, no one goes for wonder war because big players already sitting everywhere.

I think, there will be a discussion between guilds in the kingdom and they give their guild names for fort war and big guild gives their names for base war. so 10-12 guild fight for each fort and rest big guild fight for the base.

this is how the kingdom can have more fun during the wonder war. allowing small gives to fight for forts.

➣ 3rd Thought is in mind is "Kingdom tournament". Guild Showdown it just a stupid event in my opinion. you don't get a good match in your division most of the time and there nothing so much excited about this event.

I think the kingdom should come together. And Host owns "Kingdom tournament" once in a month. Guilds will register their name and they will be divided into divisions and time and date will be assigned to each guild for a fight.

So suppose 60 Guilds registers for "Kingdom tournament" and they get divided into 6 Divisions. Each Division will be divided by Checking Guild and Players Avg. Might.

Now Each Division will be assigned a date for a fight and 1 might well be 3 hours where 2 guilds will fight and rest will enjoy the war.

If you burn someone you get 5 points. if you capture a leader you get 10 points. this is how Points will be assigned and the winner will be decided.

So first 10 teams will fight then 5 winners then those 4 teams with small points will fight in a group of 2 then 2 winner then again small points team fight then 1 winner than last 2 teams and winner.

==== CONCLUSION ====
I think it will be more fun for everyone to see so much war in the kingdom rather than just shield and shelter every day. if there will be no fear of BIG PLAYERS then people will come ahead and join these activities without caring about how many troops they will lose. because they are getting a chance of having fun. and this thing for P2P as well. but the fact is they don't bully small people and fight with same level guild/players rather than just destroying small guilds/players and thinking they got a big victory.


Share the post among all guilds that you know so that people could try to understand what fun is possible in Lords mobile.

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Thank you for sharing!

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dont bother playing IGG games. they are 100% cannot be trusted. they will just ban the account you work hard for. one of my hyper farms which has less than 20k troops got banned for doing nothing. NASDAQ says they need a new game when their revenue has been dropping like 7%, but i think they need a new CEO who is a gamer and has the brains for it.