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[Off-Topic] In game Flirting & Relationships! What are your thoughts?

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Posted on 2018-05-03 02:22:50 | Show thread starter's posts only

Hello Everyone,

This has been in my thoughts for a bit of time and would like everyone's thoughts!

I have been playing Lords Mobile for quite some time now. Since my time playing I have been in 2 Guilds, and have an Alternate Guild of my own. As Guild leader, I promote a healthy relationship with my members as long as personal details about relationships outside of the game aren't brought in. Sometimes, people will get flirty but I don't allow anything more than that to happen. I try to have everyone lean in towards the game such as training, gameplay, hunting, battling, etc. 

Now the Guild I have been in for quite some time, the leader of the Guild Flirts with everyone. For some odd reason, people open up to him and when he finds out you're a female and of course ' you're hot' then it begins; the flirting in the game, and out (Line). When I mention flirting I mean there's scandal, cheating, double sides, there is a Saloon of everything going on. 

Finally, I observe a lot of things in the game and by no means would I be jealous! (if you taunt it, then go for it!) If you find love in the game, congratulations! If you think I am overreacting, let me know. I want to hear from everyone.

So, here are some questions I have for you:
1. Are you an Introvert or Extrovert?
2. What do you think about Guild Flirting? (Beyond Normal)
3. If flirting has gone beyond your comfort level what do you do? How do you do it?
4. What is your perspective on this? How would you perceive this?
5. If you could, what would you tell future players of Lords Mobile?
Side note: If I am missing something or asking the wrong questions, then please reply with your questions and your answers.

Moderators: If this is not allowed, please accept my apology. This is purely a study or a thought that I would like to see what everyone's perspective is as this is an ongoing thing within the game.

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1. I keep to myself
2. Guild flirting can cause ruckus and disturb the guild environment. This is why I'm against it, especially when it becomes unwanted or disturbing.
3. I tell the person to stop or risk being blocked. If I'm an R4 I simply kick then with reason, if your guild leader is doing it then I suggest leaving. Find a new guild and enjoy!
4. I perceive guild flirting as unnecessary and unhealthy. You don't really know who's online and so don't get yourself involved in a bad matter. It can quickly go downhill with members asking for "pictures" and "texts". Stop it before it starts.
5. Find a guild where you feel at home, if you need to leave do it! Grow as a player and don't disturb others, the internet is a scary place.

Lastly have fun!!!!!!!

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Based on the forums rules (http://lordsmobile.forum.igg.com/bulletin). You are not currently violating anything. Let's keep it that way :)

It's a very interesting conversation subject indeed, we are all humans and seek a connection after all. How we go about doing it varies from person to person.

The world can use a little more positivity, share yours!
Posted on 2018-05-03 10:06:11 | Show thread starter's posts only

1. introvert in real life, though maybe it's more my autism but talking to others is incredibly difficult, when it comes to the internet however I can be quite chatty in both guild chat and kingdom chat.

2. as long as no one is uncomfortable with it I'm fine with it, I've been in a guild where there was a couple in it and they talked romantically to each other even in guild chat and everyone was fine with it, I haven't seen any ''serious'' flirting, that is to say flirting with the intent of actually wanting a relationship with said person but personally I wouldn't mind it, I think maybe most people don't mind it because what seems like flirting can just be nice gestures, for example if someone helped me I use the kiss emote and say ''thanks hun'' which is just me being nice, plenty of other people also use the kiss emote and say nice things which can make actual flirting ''joky'' and not serious as well

3. as long as the person they are flirting with doesn't mind it I just block them and that's it.

4. kinda combined this question into my answer of question 2, I don't mind it, if someone wants to flirt that's fine with me as long as the person being flirted with is fine with it, I've been flirted to before and I didn't mind that either, nor did anyone else in the guild.

5. in general or about flirting? if you mean in general I'd say either be prepared to have at minimum ONE YEAR of patience before you start doing much of anything or be prepared to pay money.

If it's about flirting I'd say go for it if the other person is comfortable with it.

Posted on 2018-05-03 11:46:13 | Show thread starter's posts only

I don't promote flirting in-game as it leads to future problems. To me a guild is family and so flirting seems to disrupt everything. Find a guild that will treat you with respect, that's what you deserve

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Posted on 2018-05-04 06:18:16 | Show thread starter's posts only

Hey Guys and Gals,

Thanks for replying, this will definitely help people currently in the game and those who are currently playing and others who start playing. Getting an insight from everyone will give the prospect a much clearer picture as to what they can or already expect playing Lords Mobile.

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Whata the guild leaders name

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2-Flirting should be privately and flirting in guild chat may disturb the fun environment and become awkward even maybe for one partner.
3- If someone flirt with me beyond my comfort level I close the game and ignore the person and try to limit communication.
4- Don't allow online relationships or flirt if the guild leader if the one doing it leave right away or talk to a r4 and if you have partner in real life tell them not to flirt with you at game dont involve other people that are just trying to enjoy game in a place in which they may feel uncomfortable or awkward.
5- Don't accept relationships with nobody is this game and don't flirt or allow others to flirt with you there will be a point that you will have regret it not to stop it

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