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[Chat(iOS)] Here's how to play Lords on PC [Using iOS]

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    1. Alright peeps, here's how to play Lords Mobile on a windows PC if you only have an iOS device.

      I personally have been looking all over the place and couldn't find any guides and I figured this out myself. If someone has already written a guide for this then... Oops. 

      So here are the prerequisites:

      1. Your iOS device (Duh)
      2. A gmail account
      3. Bluestacks installed in your computer
      4. A facebook account

      Here are the steps:

      1. Get your ass on the game using your iOS device and link your account to your facebook.
      2. Download bluestacks on your PC.
      3. Create a gmail account if you do not have one.
      4. Get on bluestacks and login to google play using your gmail account.
      5. Fill up whatever they want you to fill up, if you are prompted on which samsung device you are using, there should be a default there for you. Just leave it as it is.
      6. Download Lords Mobile on bluestacks
      7. Enter the game, go to settings, switch account and log in to the account you linked with Facebook.
      8. Thank me

      So that's how I managed to play Lords on my computer.

      If my listed steps do not work for you then I'm sorry ),:

      If you have any other methods, feel free to share them as well so others are able to enjoy playing Lords on the big screen. Hope this helped.


[D!E] Cephas
Posted on 2017-03-20 07:25:38 | Show thread starter's posts only

Thanks for your guide. If this is for the knowledge is power contest then it needs to be 300 words.

Posted on 2017-03-20 09:11:38 | Show thread starter's posts only

Oh no I didn't intend for it to be. There are a lot more useful guides that would kick my guide's ass. I just wanted to get this out there because it took me pretty long to figure this out, didn't want others to suffer lmao. Thanks for the notice though!

[D!E] Cephas
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None of that is working for me. I tried absolutely everything to link my two accounts. It always shows that I am a guest and i am being playing from the beginning. Now i need to use two phones because i can not log on my other account. It is stupid that IGG did not create login with ID number or Username and just password. Two years i have tried this and can not play on PC or have my both accounts on one phone. When i asked them, they said to me that my account is not linked to nothing and i have created it through my Iphone account. Sucks totally

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There is a slew of other useful guidelines that would slam the door in my guide's face. I simply wanted to get this out there since it took me a long time to find it out and I didn't want others to go through the same pain I did. However, thank you for the notice!
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