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[Chat(iOS)] Issues with Vault and Hiring Heros

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Posted on 2021-03-15 11:09:54 | Show thread starter's posts only

Hey everyone. I’m pretty new here but I’ve had two minor issues since I started playing. The first is my vault. Currently I should be able to protect 700k of resources (excluding gold of course) and my resource production is less than 700k yet when I get attacked my resources are still taken. Shouldn’t the vault protect any resources less than 700k? Next problem is hiring a hero. I’ve collected the 50 hero medals for a hero and I still don’t have a hire button to hire them. Just feels like I’m missing out on some good upgrades by not being able to do this

Posted on 2021-03-18 21:41:02 | Show thread starter's posts only

1.It can only protect the rss on your board. Once you were attacked, you will lose the rss exceed 700k
2.Do you want to upgrade your hero with the 50 medals?