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I would say always keep your resurch might higher than your troop might thats an golden tip guys only if you are above 100 mln might you may be able to get more troop might i hope it helps you out :)

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Construction and research---yes It is very very important to always have troops training, research going, construction going. This might be obvious but do the calculations, if you won't be on for 12 hours do a construction or research for 12+ hours.

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Lords Mobile Help Guide

1. Newbie Guide: Lords Mobile is a war game never ask a person to stand down there attack if you don't want to be attacked I recommend FarmVille, anyways Lords Mobile is an attacking game where you take hits and you also give the hits but first you need to know how to give the hits.

2. Construction and Research: Research is important for attacking, growing, and monster hunts. Construction is what helps you build up your castle which your castle can help you get special buildings like Prison and Altar. Research can decrease the amount of time construction takes which can help you get big faster.

3. Hero Stages: Hero stages is what can get you newer and better heroes the more you play the higher the stage and higher the stage is better the hero. They can also give you medals at the Elite stages which you can use medals for upgrading your hero or getting new heroes.

4. Guild Battles: There are different types of guild battles such as Darknest hunting, Battle Royal, and War for wonders. Darknest are good for getting you speed ups, winged boosts, and resources, killing them may be the hard part which is why it is required for a two person rally. Battle Royal is freedom for all fighting in another words can attack anyone you want besides guild mates. War for wonders is a battle for forts which mean you will need a high level castle to take over a fort.

5. Troops: Troops are important for attacking, there are different kind of troops such as Tier 1 troops, Tier 2 troops, Tier 3 troops, and Tier 4 troops. You can get them from researching. Troops take time to build but you can reduce the time by Research and talent points. Troops have weakness and advantages you can look at them at barracks.

6. Attacking: Attacking is the most fun part of the game. Attacking can earn you resources and you can also steal other people's leader and later on execute them. You always want to attack someone at least a castle level lower or if you want to you can scout them to see how much troops then attack. Army leader ship is very important me I would prefer Calvary in front the troops followed by archers and siege.

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I would like to see more quest and more challenging creatures. I would also like to see more ways to interact with the guild in the game make people consised with the guild as a team and not just people who can't act you

Team work together and interact with yor guild
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This guide is for newbie guild's
-First off gather all your guildmates together at a particular place an create a hive.
-Keep In mind that your hive should not have holes in it i.e. All the castles should be packed toghether.
-The reason for closely packed castles is that your enemy can transfer in between your castles at those empty spaces and attack u constantly in less time to let u prepare for it.
-Everyone should contribute as much as they can and help each other by transfering resources and helping skip time.
-Lastly when your guild is eligible for guild fest score for the highest and receave gems and perks.....

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This guide is for newbie players
-First of start by attending barbarian lectures in news section of event menu. (u get a reward after completing each lecture so be sure to pay a visit
-Now that u know the basics make upgrading ur academy, ambessy and collectors first priority.
-Your secound priority is workshop,  castlewall,  vault,  and watch tower(watchtower help. U know the incoming attackers details).
-lastly upgrade medic and other stuff in meanwhile but keep them your lowest priority.
-also u should not waste gems instead preserve them... 10k gems atleast.
-when u unlock colleseum u get free gems every 3 hrs according to your rank and cargo ship allows u to trade resources for other,  more,  or other resorces and time. Skips

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if your interested in making a new guild
1-most important is to be on the world chat in your kingdom to get players to see your looking for members to join your guild
2-always be respectful to your teammates.
3-go to a safe spot for your hive/nest. keep in mind the bigger and stronger you get you can mkve to a new spot in better resource.
4-make sure your all near each other so you can help.each other in war or helping your team with resource.
5-give ranks to the ones who are most trusted and always help out.
6-create allies

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In this guide I'll be focusing on research as i covered the construction part in my last guide...
-first off keep military as your first priority.
-Secondly research defence.
-Keep economy and monstur hunt for the last but remember to research them..
-lastly when u upgrade your academy to unlock 3 more menu's
-firstly research military then other....

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IGG : 371396360 DRAGQS
Ok guys we're going to start off with attacking. I will break this down into 6 points. 1. Before you attack you want to clarify your suroundings. 2. Always check your allies list to make sure you don't accidentally scout/attack allies. 3. If you have them use an attack boost or defensive boost. (Defensive boosts do apply when attacking) If you don't have enough gems or guild coins to purchase an attack boost anti scouts prove to be just as effective. 4. When attacking be sure to send your leader because without it none of your boosts, research, or gear boosts will apply to the fight. 5. Another must do before attacking is scouting. Before attacking you need to scout to know how many traps, troops, rienforcements, garissoned, and heroes a player has defending his or her turf. 6. When attacking hives (large groups of enemy castles) ask a friend or fellow guild mate to assist in the attack. Thats all of my attacking tips for today friends I hope you enjoy and learn a thing or two from these tips and tricks. Bye bye guys peace out and happy gaming!

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