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Lords Mobile is a combination RPG/SLG game. You take on the role of a Lord with a turf to rule. It’s up to you to become the strongest Lord in the world! Defend what’s yours with upgradeable buildings, mighty collectible Heroes, advanced technologies, and more!

How can I link and/or switch accounts?

1. Tap the ‘+’ icon.

2.Choose [Account].

3.Tap [Link] to connect your account to a Gmail account for safekeeping.

4.Tap [Switch account] and enter your linked Gmail account to switch accounts.

How can I protect my Turf?

Activate a Shield to protect your Turf from attacks.

Your Troops will defend your Turf if they aren’t busy with another task. For example, if your Troops are busy gathering, they'll make their way back to your Turf to help defend.

Use a Random Relocator or Relocator I to move your turf to a new location.

Move closer to your guild mates so they can back you up when danger is near.

Build an Infirmary will help reduce the number of casualties to your forces
How can I check out other Kingdoms and relocate my Turf there?

Viewing other Kingdoms:

1.Tap the map button located on the bottom left corner to access the World Map.

2.Tap the globe button to access the Atlas.

Relocating Turf to another Kingdom:

1.Make sure that you have a Relocator II.

2.Tap the map button located on the bottom left corner to access the World Map

3.Tap the globe icon to access the Atlas if you want to relocate to another Kingdom

4.Tap any empty space, and tap ‘Transfer’ to relocate your turf to that space.

Note: Relocator II can only be used if your Castle is Lv 5 or below. This item will expire seven days after you create your account.
Chap 3: Chap 3 Title

How to get free Gems?

You’ll get Gems when you join your first Guild!

You can win a huge amount of Gems from events.

Gems can be found in Mystery Boxes.

Occupy Gem Lodes during special events to gather Gems.

Win Gems from Facebook and Forum events.

Buy Gems to receive bonus Gems.

Get Gems when you link your account.

Gems can also be found in Guild Caches.

How can I gather resources?

1.Tap a resource tile in the World Map.

2.Choose ‘Occupy’ to deploy your troops there.

3.Once your troops are done gathering, they’ll return to your Turf automatically. The amount of resources gathered is based on your Army Capacity. The more troops you have, the more resources they can gather!
w can I gain EXP?

You can gain EXP from Hero Stages, Turf, Admin, and Guild Quests, Monster Hunts, Skirmishes, and Battles.

How can my Heroes gain EXP?

Your Heroes can gain EXP from Hero Stages, Gathering, EXP items, Monster Hunts, Skirmishes, and Battles.

How can I get Talent Points?

You’ll get Talent Points when you level up! You can use them to learn and/or upgrade Talents.

How can I rename my player character?

Your Castle is named after you, so changing your player name will also change your Castle name!

You can rename your player using the two options listed below.

 Tap the Bag icon.

 Go to the Gem Mall.

 Buy a Name-Changer.

 This item will be sent to your Bag after purchase.

 Select it from your Bag to rename your character.


 Tap your avatar.

 Tap the quill icon.

 If you have a Name-Changer,a prompt to enter your new name will appear.

 If not, you can spend 100 Gems to rename your character.
Why should I be a VIP?

VIP players get to enjoy many perks, including accelerated construction time, increased resource production, increased travel speed, Auto-Battle in Hero Stages, and many more! With these perks, VIP players grow faster, giving them an advantage in battles! Tap the VIP button on the top left corner to learn more!

How can I raise my VIP level?

You can raise your VIP level up to 15 by earning VIP Points.

How can I gain VIP points?

You gain VIP Points by logging in daily. Logging in for consecutive days will give more VIP Points! You can also get them from Quests and Events. The fastest way to gain VIP points is to buy Gems or use items with the ‘Get Points’ button.

How can I increase my Might?

Might can be increased by training soldiers, researching technology, constructing and upgrading buildings. During each upgrade, you can check the amount of Might you will gain from the menu!

How can I get Allied Troops?

After building your Embassy, your guild mates will be able to send Allied Troops to help you out if your Castle comes under attack. Upgrading the Embassy increases the number of allied troops that can be sent to you.

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The maximum limit that can strike forces are forces 200k (lvl 25). You can also add to the Hero. Rank 8 (+ 10k troops), Rank 7 (+ 6k troops), Rank 6 (+ 4k troops),..... You can also add boast boast 20% and 50% for troops to attack the opponent

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Guide for newbies,
Focus on your castle try to rush it until you reach level 17 and you can unlock tier 3 troops.
Always shelter you troops and your hero. If you are gathering leave one troop behind and send your hero with it to the shelter. So that if someone attacks you it won't be captured and you don't have to pay for it.
Join to a guild as soon as you can.
Build 1 Farm because your upkeep will be too high later. Build 4-5 Manors 1 Barrack and the rest should be infirmary.
These are the best strategies if you are a newbie.

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Guide type: construction and research
1) getting a high lvl castle and t4 troops is likely the most important thing in the game, and one of the hardest without dropping money especially because all the special boosts from lvl 25 buildings and all the gems required for t4.
2) how to get there: first you want to lvl your castle as fast as possible, and the best way to do this is much different from how most people play the game. While most guides will tell you to give up on your food production because your army will always overtake it eventually, to power level your castle you actually want to max it. Then to reduce your upkeep you want to keep your army at the minimum level to beat each skirmish. That way your food production is off the charts, then once you hit c lvl 13 you unlock the cargo ship, which becomes a ridiculously good way to sustain your resource needs. You take all the trades that take your food and ad lib the rest as needed. Then you max the minimum requirement buildings to level your castle until c lvl 25. This is a really effective way of doing this because you can hit c lvl 25 in like 2 and 3/4 months without dropping a penny on the game. To do this you also need to have the right bonuses too though. For your talents just max food construction, research, food production, then gold production in that order, for gear times are calculated for what gear you're wearing when you START the timer, so you put on the gear you need, start the timer, then switch back. One set of construction, one set for research, one set for food production. For construction, use sentinel circlets and for research use lunar flutes (bonuses do stack for multiple of the same item). Forge those two even before the level you can use them and just wait till you hit those levels. Finally heroes. What hero do I use as leader? Who do I max? Well you don't have to worry about who to equip as leader because all the construction, research, and rss boosts are admin powers, which means that they work even if they aren't equipped as leader. As for who to max, the only thing that boosts those buffs are ranking up your heroes, which is too hard to do to a high enough degree to make a difference without spending money, so you can kinda ignore that. So just level and rank up whoever you want to fight in the colosseum with later on.

Tips to not get held back: with a small army you might be a target for bigger castles so allllllwayyyyyssss keep your leader sheltered. Because you get most resources from cargo ship they can't be stolen until you use them so don't use them until you need them. Also find a guild that can protect you, most importantly find an active guild that will press help often.

T4 troops: These are hard to get, you have to max one of every building and do a ton of research, the timers aren't actually the truly damaging part though, you can buy three hour speedups in guild shop, and stack up a ton of five minute ones from hero stages, but the hardest part of this is the gem cost. Because you have to max one of every building that includes the altar and prison and other buildings that take special items to level, YOU WILL NOT GET ENOUGH OF THESE FREE. You are gonna have to drop a ton of gems to level these buildings, save your gems as much as possible until this point to level these buildings.

Best of luck!!!


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1. First of all you have to join an active guild and move yourself nearer to the guild hive.
2. Guild mates help you when you need resources and gives you tips and tricks.
3. Login daily to get VIP points it will help you in travel speed and exp boost.
4. Everyday you get 40k guild coins you spend them to buy VIP points and move to VIP level 8 it help you for auto completing guild and admin quest and auto battle.
5. Send your to the outside for gathering it will help you to get resources as well as material for forgings and also you get various resources from hunting of monsters.
6. Forge these materials in workshop to increase training, construction and research speed.
7. Most important thing is talent point allocation firstly allocate your talent point in research, construction and training then in others.
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You should add "Guild Related" category... Where people can post guides that have to do with guild events (guildfest), and everything related to guilds (dynamics, coordination, rule creation, etc).

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Troops guide,
Greetings lords and ladies! As you all know having a large troop force is very important. You need a lot of troops so you can successfully attack other players, defend your castle, participate in high level Darknest's, gathering resources, and supporting guild mates and allies. But it takes so long to train troops that accomplishing all of this can be quite tedious and take a while. In this guide you will learn techniques to increase your troop training speed and how to keep those hard earned high quantity of troops safe.

Let's jump right into it. MANORS. Manors increase your troop training speed and it is imperative you have a lot of them. I would recommend 7-9 manors, with 1-3 barracks, and the remaining buildings to be infirmaries so that you can heal the majority of your troop count.

Next we will discuss talents. It is very important to have Training Speed I and II both completely maxed out. Having these two talents maxed out will increase troop training speed by 122%! If you specialize in gathering and economy based talents for leveling your castle, simply spend the minimum amount of points in the Military based side of the talent tree to max out troop training speed. You will still have enough talent points to max out your desired talents such as construction speed, research speed, and gathering.

Research! Under Military, Upgraded Military, and Army Leadership you can research Troop Training speed I, II, and III. Ensure you spend a decent amount of your research time boosting these bad boys up.

Other ways to boost troop training speed:
- The Watcher hero has a nice training speed boost.
- You can even craft gear with training speed!

Here is an example: I am at 230% troop training speed and build just under 5,000 tier 3 troops a day. That is just under 35 k tier 3 troops a week. That is with 8 manors at level 18-20, talent points maxed out for troop training speed, with no hero/ gear training boost, and still much work to be done in research.

And last but not least you have to keep all of these new troops you now have safe! How to do this:
- Keep the max amount of troops you can in the shelter.
- Remaining troops can be sent to guild mates castles.
- Fake rally to keep your troops from getting whacked if you get attacked.

I hope this helps and happy gaming!
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LORDSBONGS Guide for Attacking:
I remember along long time ago in a kingdom far far away....
Not being able to attack or whenever I did it never turned out so great. Here is my guide to help get YOU on track for attacks.
1.BUILD UP INFIRMARY: Always make sure you  can heal as many troops as you have deployed out. Any excess send to the cave for 6-12hrs  
2.RESET TALENT POINT(If you can): Reset talent points and max out attack, army strength etc. aim for anything that involves attacking.this will go a little my way.
3. HERO CHOICE: Pick a hero that helps increase some attack % strength. Be cautious though because if a counter attack happens you could get your hero taken.
4. ARMOR: Armor equipment goes a long long way! Battle helmets, Swords, Footwear etc. equipped with hero will make your attacks much stronger. (**load with gems to increase attack.) All equipment will have slots for gems to be inserted, I usually have two of the same kind of equipment but for two different purposes. Ex. I'll have 2 different types of swords, one that increases research speed and one that increases attacking, gems loaded in each relate to what their purposes are.
5. RESEARCH: make sure you research Army--->Grunt/Reptilian Ride/etc---->Toughness. Research individual military troops toughness or attack or health. This is **IMPORTANT** research is so important I can't stress it enough.
6. SPEED UPS: have some speed ups ready just incase the person you're attacking gets reinforcements, this could be disastrous for you, unless you speed up and beat the reinforcements to the enemies castle.
7. SCOUT: always scout the enemy, look at what kind of troops the enemy has and select attacking troops that counter the troops he was. You can see which troops counter what just by selecting any of your troops, look above and you will see what they counter and what counters them.
8. RESOURCES: Have resources to heal and keep troops from dying.
9. MIGHT: Make sure you look at their might, don't go attacking the Hulk when your Louis Lane. D.C. Vs marvel reference haha but yes be careful, if they have more might than you or a little less than you, then the likely hood of your troops DYING, as in you never get them back, increases.
10. ANTI-SCOUT: if the enemy has an anti scout he extremely cautious. Some might have a minimal amount of troops deployed or some might be reinforced with millions of troops. It's a gamble, so it's really up to the player.
11. SECONDARY HEROS: make sure the other 5 secondary heros you choose to deploy with your troops help strengthen your troops attack.

So all in all this is my method of attack, be safe and have fun guys.

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Tips for attackers and deffenders:
1 When attacking allways make sure to hide exes troops
2 If cant make sure which phalax to use against lets say 50/50 range/cav go with 100% range
3 If you wana trap someone great bait is to shelter most troops and leave out 50-100k so people will think it will be easy kills but you unshelter last sec your army and BOOM
4 If you have too much troops and cant shelter and rally al of them and you are in battle fury send rest of troops far away on tiles (not camps cuz you can easly get trapped) but it works only if you have max 1mil troops if you got 2mil or more you have no choise but to deffend
5 When reinforcing send counters of what attackers send so if guy who you reinforce has only range someone will attack or rally with inf and you wil reinforce with cavs cuz it counters inf
6 If doing tile attacks send mix attack first and 20 sec before attack lands scout to decide phalax that way guy whos being scouted will get notifycation about being scouted too late
7 If someone attacks you from far away and you want it to land faster simply random port and attack will hit instantly
8 If several 1bil players port next to you you better have some fast reactions or pray to god