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Hero Stages Tips:
1.Level up your heros as much as possible so you can complete tougher stages.
2.Sweep stages so you can get experience to level your heros quickly to allow you to complete the tougher stages.
3.Sweep elite stages so you can collect hero medals to help your heros skills increase.
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Tip on starting out, don't focus all your attention on troop building, upgrade your buildings and focus on research, I have a good number of troops but don't poor everything into them, higher buildings and get a lot of research down and you will gain 1million might or more a week. Hope it helped :)

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New guild
when starting a new guild it is best to have every one meet in a central spot before they go to castle 5 8t is wise t9 also start making allies with other guilds  also do not throw ranks in guild around because yiu do not know who will stay and who will not also best for every guild member to attack 1 monster at a time do not steal monsters scout Dr attack people from guilds u will not want to make enemies of

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You always want a lot of troops that aren't siege. You need siege but not as much as infantry, ranged, and cavalry.

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When starting out look for low might darknests. If u aren't the one who started the rally be sure to leave 1 troop to shelter your leader Incase of getting attacked. Always be sure to scout the darknest to see favorable and unfavorable information. Remember to keep in mind if the darknest doesn't have one of a certain troop u can leave out that troops counter to fill in more gaps with troops that will do something.

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This will be a guide on building and research.
Ok the first thing you should do to make buildings and research faster is talents. You should max out the construction talent and research talent. This will cut the time by a lot. Then you should make construction and research gear, so every time you make a building or upgrade it you but the gear on for it so the time is so much faster. Also you should always use your gems on buildings because it's progress you can never lose it unless you destroy the building. All so you should try to make buildings that sped up progress like in the start make manors because the increase troops construction speed but then make hospitals later so you don't lose to many troops. Then you should research monster hunting and the resource tab. Monster hunting will allow you to get more guild gifts which will help you and your guild. Then you should research the construction speed so you can make buildings faster. Also later in the game if you have a good army you will have a huge upkeep it will become impossible to have enough farms to counter the upkeep. So it's better just to have 1. Thank you for reading
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Hi im castle level 17 and I think it would be a good idea to just start getting as many farms going as you can and monors so that you can train a lot faster, and with more training comes a bigger need for more upkeep food so do this and you should be good^_^

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Construction and research tip.
When doing construction and research or training use the filter tab in the workshop to maximize your speed ups when selecting equipment types . Also using the right hero is important to when trying to speed up construction, research and training.

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Troops, or newbie

Troops run everything! You need troops fast! When they die. You need them fast! You will need to increase your Training speed! Best two ways are:

1: Construct lots of Manors and level them up as quickly as possible!
2: Research Training Speed 1, 2 and 3 to there Max!

Both will take a lot of time. Try using speed-ups, or gems if you can. In the long run. Your high level troops won't take days to finish. You will have troops, so you can continue to play the game.

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Construction & Research

Hello, today I am going to be talking about all the topics surrounding research and construction. This will include how to increase your overall percentage and some recommendations around them.

How do I increase my research and construction percentage?

Firstly, your talents provide a massive 105% research and construction boost. I would recommend maxing both stats unless you wish to attack another player. If you wish to attack, then you will need an attacking talent tree. This will help cut that large research down. Secondly, your heroes pay a very large part with increasing your administration statistics such as research, construction and training speed. You can increase these stats using F2P (Free to Play) heroes. These consists of Trickster, which increases your research by 25%. Construction can be increased using Scarlet Bolt or Sage of Storms. These heroes both increase your construction by 20%. If you wish to buy heroes, then you may buy heroes like The Big Guy for a 30% construction boost or Witch Doll for a 25% research boost. Finally, your construction speed can be increased using the Economy tab in the Academy. This will increase your construction speed by 70% at 10/10. Finally, gear is a massive aspect of research and construction speed. You can increase your research Speed with Lunar Flutes, these provide 26% each. You can increase your construction speed using the Sentinel’s Circlets, these provide 25% each.

What research should I focus on first?

Firstly, there is no right or wrong answer for this question. However, I would recommend spreading your research across monster hunt, military and economy first. Then, focus on your military. This will make your attacks and defences a lot stronger, allowing you to kill stronger players. Once your military is 7/8 I wold recommend moving to your monster hunt. Monster hunt will give you gems, speedups, holy stars and few other things. This will help you progress through the game. Once you monster hunt is level 3/4. Then I would focus on the main research in the Economy tab. These consist of: Constructions speed, Vault Management, Weight Training I and Resource Harvesting I to level 8/9. Once this is done, finish off your Military tree.

What buildings should I upgrade first?

Firstly, I would rush C25 as fast as possible. This is because C25 provides many things to help you. This is a larger army size, more army’s that can be diploid and vault size. When you have c25 you are then able to max the Workshop. This allows a 3rd Accessory slot which will help with attacking and developing. You will also be able to get a level 25 Vault, this allows you to protect gold. When it comes to your gem buildings such as Battle Hall, Prison, Altar and Treasure Trove you will need to invest most of your gems here. These are necessary if you wish to unlock T4 troops.

I do hope this guide helped you understand more about research and construction. Even if it’s only one point.

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Have Fun :)