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Attacking Castles!!!
Its one of the of the way to have rss and burn people u dont like
And it include some important rules :
1.always use counter scout before attacking any one
2.always s out your enemy before attacking them
3.use the right army to attack with ( when u scout use army depend on the counters and counter byso u destroy his army without loosing soldiers)
4.and this is very important never feel sorry for any one or have a mercy !
5.go to the ones with alot of rss
6. If u got rally and your guild mates cant help u use a random recolator if battlefury on and shield or just a shield till the rallly is cancelled
7.enjoy burning them

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As a newbie you need to know that:
-You can relocate free before lvl 6. After lvl 6 it will cost you a good amount of gems/guild coins
-To grow faster you need to join a guild and beacuse you can help each other with resources and speedups
-first thing you need to research is construction speed in the economy
-Also you can customise your gear how you need by forging


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A. Newbie Guide

For newbies, this is what I can say they should do to keep up with the old players:
1. Always go for speed not for power
For Talent - Maximize Construction Speed and Research Speed, after than go to training speed
-Why? We have what a talent reset to reset your talent. If you go for power (Army Attack, Army Defense and Army HP) even if you prioritize those, high lvl players can kill crush you like an ant. 

2. When speeding up research or construction, always look at the solo/hell events, example when you want to speed up research, look at the solo and hell event if the requirement for finishing corresponds to the one you want to speed up. When you look at the requirement for solo/hell event it says there 1 building = 1 point and 1 research = 1 point, what it meant by this is 1 increase in building might = 1 point and so on. So before speeding up check if the might you get is enough to finish the events.

3. Never speed up troops, tier 1&tier 2 troops are not that strong, speeding them up would be a waste of your speed ups. for newbies, troops should not exceed the number that your infirmary can accommodate or the number of troops you can shelter. 
Why? when you're low level most players would destroy your castle to increase their troop kills.

4. Never let your troops/energy/stamina rest. Don't waste opportunities, whenever your troops return, let them gather resources (for forging materials), whenever your stamina is nearly full do some hero stages, whenever your energy is nearly full attack monsters.

5. Never let go of events. Whenever there are special events, participate. This is an opportunity for you to get some rewards.

6. Rush castle 17 and go for Skirmish 8, Skirmish 8 has a building called treasure trove where you can deposit your gems to earn interests, and another building called Labyrinth where you get 1 attack per day and the guardian will drop you some useful items.
B. Construction and Research 
- For Research - Research prioritize Construction Speed under the economy, then monster hunt then Defense and Military
-Why? Speed should be prioritized by newbies because this can help them catch up to high lvl players. Why Monster Hunt? Monsters drop you resources, speed ups, materials and gems. This monster drops are very crucial for catching up and crafting for you late game items. As for monsters prioritize first Noceros and Gryphon because you will use their materials for forging construction speed and research speed equipments
- For Construction - Prioritize on upgrading your Castle, then your academy. Upgrading your castle will increase your help request by 1. 1 help is equal to 1% of the current research/construction or 1 minute whichever is lower. Example for a 5 day construction,, 1 help is equal to 72 minutes. Help will come in handy when trying to catching up players

C. Hero Stages
The Hero Stage is divided into 3 categories
1. Normal - Normal level hero stage require 6 stamina (8 for chapter 8), finishing hero stage with 3 star (no hero died) you will unlock sweeps. Don't be afraid to die on hero stage, dying will not waste your stamina. finishing normal stage would reward you with some experience, hero experience (food for sweep), trophies and fragments. After each chapter you will get special awards
2. Elite - Elite hero stage requires 12 stamina to finish, it is the same with normal stage, the difference is that you can get medals. Medals are used to unlock new heroes or upgrade an existing one. In order to do the elite quest you must finish first its normal stage in any star, example to do the elite 3-3, finish first normal 3-3. Elite stage would give the same trophies and fragments (with the same drop rate), higher experience, higher hero experience (food for sweep) and of course hero medal. I personally recommend to only do normal quest to get the after chapter awards and unlock its hero stage. In the late game you'll discover the importance of medals. So i advice you to never sweep normal hero stage and elite hero stages.
3. Challenge - This stage won't require you to spend stamina, their rewards for finishing is gems (you can only get gems once per level so repeating it won't give you gems) and they seldom drop common/uncommon grade trophies and 5min/10min speed ups. You must meet some special requirements to finish challenges, example: use only male/female/int/str/agi, Don't let anyone die, Don't let the boss stun you, Stun the boss 2x and etc. You can unlock hero stage one you own enough hero to join.

D. Guild Battles
A. War for Wonders - when the protection phase of base and forts, guild will battle to occupy the base and forts, those who occupy the base the longest would be the emperor, while those who occupy forts would give buffs to your guild.
B. Battle Royal - This is like an inter-kingdom war of wonders, where those who occupy the base the longest would be the emperor of all kingdoms. You can only join battle royal once you are castle 25 and inorder to join you must buy a royal pass (costing 100,000 gems or a special offer of 9.99 dollars)
C. Darknests - there are like a castle, they have defender troops, guarding heroes, walls, and traps. Inorder to defeat/fight the darknests you must rally your troops and it requires 2 characters joining the rally. Unlike a normal castle, darknests can't attack you back, they will only defend, they auto recover their troops (so one fail, don't attack it again and again hoping that the troops that you killed from the previous won't heal.). After the rally, Goddess Athena would heal your troops, prioritizing the killed then the wounded, so don't be afraid to attack Darknests. Successfully defeating darknests will reward you dark essence of different level (depending on the level of difficulty), which you can incubate to get gems, speed ups, resources and energy. Always remember the stats of the rally initiator would be the stats of all troops in the rally.

E. Troops
Troops are divided into 4 class
1. Infantry - they are heavy armored troops, who are weak against cavalry and strong against archer.
2. Archer - they are troops specialized on long range weapons, they are weak against infantry and strong against cavalry
3. Cavalry - they are mounted troops, they are weak against archer and strong against infantry.
4. Siege - they are troops equipped with explosions/heavy long range attacks, they are strong against the wall and weak against infantry, archer and cavalry.

F. Attacking Castle
before attacking a castle always scout it to make sure, they don't have reinforcements and etc. scouting them would give you an insight on their troops. This would you plan you attack, Example: You scouted a castle who has purely infantry, attack it with cavalry and so on. Even a planned attack might not work because of you fall short on power (military research, offensive talents, and equipment) so if you are planning to join a war, reset your talent to offense and equip offensive equipments

That's All
-IGN: 5th wheel

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Newbie guide

Yeh,everyone will be a bit nervous at first you know,even if it is about games. When we were kids, we had our parents to guide us through everything,we learned from them,and we grew up to what we are. We need a guidance in  games too when we start out coz,most of us have no idea of what to do and what not to do when we start out a game. Giving this newbie guide to make sure you wont do anything silly that could cost you in your future gameplay.
The first thing that you should consider is”Just play for fun and not for drama”. Games are intented for only one purpose.,fun. There maybe elements that alters the fun part(like your turf getting attacked,problems in guild,etc.etc.etc. whatsoever)but, make sure you wont take it into heart.
The second most important thing”Don’t miss out those free gifts!!!”. IGG offers you lots and lots of free gifts(Like Joining a guild gives you 500 gems yes, completely free, linking your game with your facebook account gives you a few gems, and again etc.etc.etc.) Check out the news tab regularly(especially the Gotharks Barbarian School. You know what, School life gives you tremendous gifts, maybe not in real life, but, trust me on this one).  
“OMG!!! My food upkeep is too huge”. Wow wow wow. Easy there. Don’t get freaked out. Regardless of whatever you do, your food upkeep will always be higher than your production. The upkeep can get more than 100K(-100k/hour). You know what the funny part is, the production will be around 60 K with 4 farms, when your upkeep can be close to this. Just don’t worry. Nothing bad happens now,when compared to old times(there were times when your soldiers died coz of starving,when your food gets below a fixed amount. Thank good God and IGG for removing it in an update. But, Do you know what actually happened, the soldiers started to steal food from our own farms, and that’s why food never stays :P). If your food gets to zero,use your food tokens or ask your guildmate or sent your soldiers to farm in your kingdom.
“Participate in available events”. IGG introduces part time events in regular intervals that enhances the fun part in gameplay. Moreover and of course, it gives you rewards too. Its not that bad to have a basic idea of current affairs and events right? Check out the news tab regularly guys.
“I have few talent points? On what should I spend it?” Oh… don’t get too confused. Talent points gives you permanent boosts and you just make sure you spend it wisely. Donno how to do that? Its  too easy. Max out your Construction and research speed. Ignore the army buffs on the left side of your talent tree. You wont be needing it too soon. There are two classes; soldiers and workers. Lets support workers at first. So,as I first said,max your construction and research speed and then try to max out resource gathering and army capacity. Then you can focus on whatever you want. No worries.

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A. Newbie guide.

For a newbie the most important thing (if your willing to pay) is to get urself the 30 days pack.
In the early stage of the game 30 days off resource packs including a total of 30x350 gems is deff. Worth it!
Second what i suggesy you as a newer player is to create urself some good Defence with ur Researching, offence willl come later.
Now its time to train some troops, even as a C17 i still cook T1 troops just for farming, i clear their defence with T3 troops and then farm them empty in no time with alot of T1's.
Most important lesson which i see alot of new player forget is to !!Shelter!!
There is clearly no reason to tank a hit from a way higher guy that ends up farming you anyway..
Either shield to stay safe and if your resources are low just shelter and take the hit.

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Construction and Research..

Most of it has been said already besides a few extra's.

Gear: Dont forget to switch your gear based on what your doing, this saves up alot of time!
Gem finishing: Never do this only if your looking to spend a few thousand $ on Lords, always keep ur gems for either troop finishing or to upgrade your prison, battle hall, altar and gem trove.
Speed ups: Personally i never spend them on construction, why not you may ask? Cause researching has alot more to offer, as a C17+ your not gonna reach your T4's anytime soon so be sure to first max EVERYTHING before you upgrade ur castle.
Heroes: If your not looking to become a warmachine or a Coll. Top player, read the rewards based on rank and medal rariety from your hero's and max them based on what you preffer.

NOTE: This is my style of playing the game, its your Turf so your way of building it.
These tips will come in handy for patient players that are looking forward to play the game for a long time.

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F.Attaking Castles
1.When you attack someone you should first check if he is in a guild.
1'.If he is in a guild you should first ask your leader or r4 player if you can attack oderwies you may start a war.If your leader or r4 player let you attack you should scout first so you get an idea of what army and reasources he have (reaserch intellingence so you get as much info possibel).
1''.If he is not in a guild you scout first (follow 1' steps) and after that you attack
2.Attacking Castles is important if you have a lot might beacuse you need a lot of reasources for your upgrades.When  you have low might, attacking Castles is not that worth beacuse you may lose trops.

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Need upgrade of this game for the be the best but game have good start  good luck

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Guild Battles (Wonder Wars)

Every 5 days your guild can participate in thr War of Wonders! There is a Base and 6 forts that are up for grabs every wonder war. The Rank 5 leader of the guild that controls a wonder is the owner of the wonder and if they own the Base they are receive the Overlord Title. Each of the 6 forts gives a military boost to the entire guild that owns them. There is 3 forts that give a 25% bonus to attack (cavalry, infantry, and ranged) and there is 3 forts that give a 20% boost to defense and health (cavalry, infantry, and ranged. The Overlord of the Base has several options awarded to him including choosing Vassal Titles that give positive bonuses. And Vassal Titles that give negative bonuses. They can also give 27 different reward chests to their guild after each wonder war ends. Also they can pardon all captured leaders and they can write messages to the entire kingdom.

Now as far as actually battling for control of these forts there are some things to remember. You have to first gain control of the fort by attacking it. This can be done by rally attack or solo attack but rallying is recommended. You want to have the person with the biggest battlehall to be the one who rallys and holds the fort because then you can fit more troops. You should never send seige weapons because there is no walls or traps to attack so they are not necessary. If another guild is holding the fort, scout them first and try to counter whatever troops they have more of if there is an imbalance. For example if they have mostly ranged, send infantry to counter them.

You will need to hold the fort for 60 to capture it. The base must be held for 90 minutes to capture. The timer resets when a new guild takes control so it is a good idea to capture at least 1 fort before capturing the base so that you get the corresponding military boost for your guild. If you are trying to capture more than 1 fort simultaneously you have troops at multiple forts at the same time.

Also try to take advantage of time zone differences. For example if you are an american guild and the wonder war starts at 4pm eastern u.s. time then it will be around 4am for Chinese and Korean guilds so if you attack forts controlled by Chinese or Korean guilds there is a good chance many of them will be asleep and not online so you will have an easier time taking forts off of them.

Hope this helps! Thanks for reading!