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Hii I would like to share an idea (lottery idea ) . I propose a lottery idea where the person who wins the lottery get to pick a specific Guild to get attacked  by u the game masters . The guild that gets attacked  will not know who picked them to get attacked . The lottery  winner needs to have a certain ticket ticket to pick whichever guild they want . You the game masters will figure out how the ticket is to be won . This lottery system should be in all kingdom's . Thank   u for this opportunity to share this with u guys.        IGGID : JJDMM

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Hero stages.          If you are stuck on a level, and you would like to get more heroes you should go to elite stages and click a hero stage you got 3 stars on, then click the red icon on the bottom right of your screen and then you will get food and you will get things so you can hire more heroes. It might take a few times of doing that but you will eventually get another hero

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Heros are one of the main part of your army if you didn't have them and a enemy did the enemy's heros would do massive damage to your troops!
Collesuem:Here they have battle ranks and power you should base it by power mostly but be aware if they are a little under you you may lose
Battles:Heros will assiats your army by fighting other heros and attacking troops plus they help take down the wall. The only down fall is that your leader can be captured by the enemy if you are castle 10 or over and lose. The worst part is that after castle 17 your hero can be executed. Don't worry however your hero has a way to be revived by a item in the guild shop. Heros are also used in adventures they fight the enemy heros and collect loot to upgrade your heros rank.They even collect badges to hire and new hero and upgrade your heros (rank is the shield).  (Upgrade is colored shields.   Gray,green,blue,purple,yellow)

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Attacking Castle

When it comes to battling , the player who has more troops won't always win.
Researching things in the military tab of the academy raises percentages of each type of troops health, defence, and attack.
Each hero has different boosts, so have a hero with battle and troop related boosts as your leader when you fight other castles.
Also before going to battle it is smart to have your talent points invested in troop offense, defense and health talents.
Gear is another thing that can tip the scales, like in the research and talent aspects, you want troop boosting gear. There is plenty of armor and weapons with different boosts so be sure to forge and upgrade those that boost your specific army type. Last but not least you can buy with gems or win other places 20% and 50% attack and defense boost consumables. These last for a certain  period of time so only use it right before battle.


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IGG ID:336973609
Ok guys we're going to start off with attacking. I will break this down into 6 points. 1. Before you attack you want to clarify your suroundings. 2. Always check your allies list to make sure you don't accidentally scout/attack allies. 3. If you have them use an attack boost or defensive boost. (Defensive boosts do apply when attacking) If you don't have enough gems or guild coins to purchase an attack boost anti scouts prove to be just as effective. 4. When attacking be sure to send your leader because without it none of your boosts, research, or gear boosts will apply to the fight. 5. Another must do before attacking is scouting. Before attacking you need to scout to know how many traps, troops, rienforcements, garissoned, and heroes a player has defending his or her turf. 6. When attacking hives (large groups of enemy castles) ask a friend or fellow guild mate to assist in the attack. Thats all of my attacking tips for today friends I hope you enjoy and learn a thing or two from these tips and tricks. Bye bye guys peace out and happy gaming!

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These are guides I made up on google documents they are to long and in-depth to put all on here and there are pictures on some. Hope it's cool I use the link and add them to one post. Enjoy

How to hunt monsters- https://docs.google.com/document/d/10vzGKvvEMp92DTsP1Ag1tZ5tVyi2eR7wrwpUCii0Z0s

Best equipment for research and construction- https://docs.google.com/document/d/1-Kw46j_FjEy2-Q6-5BYJ-HfukNEwbGXBbRz1cznTVFs

Boost to lv25- https://docs.google.com/document/d/10ivrCDJv8TuAWAwzMs23vp_Tk-tWva3wO3w8Y4n08_w

Guild economics-

All where created by SECWARLORD - IGGID 327664039

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Troops guide.
There are 4 different types of troops. Each type has 4 tiers, 3 of which are unlocked through research in the Academy (in the Military tree; Academy Lv9 unlocks research for Tier 2 troops, Lv17 unlocks Tier 3, Lv25 unlocks Tier 4). Each type has their strengths and weaknesses.

Infantry (Grunt, Gladiator, Royal Guard, Heroic Fighter)
[Strong against] Ranged, Siege Engine
[Weak against] Cavalry, Defenses

Ranged (Archer, Sharpshooter, Stealth Sniper, Heroic Cannoneer)
[Strong against] Cavalry, Siege Engine
[Weak against] Infantry, Defenses

Cavalry (Cataphract, Reptilian Rider, Royal Cavalry, Ancient Drake Rider)
[Strong against] Infantry, Siege Engine
[Weak against] Ranged, Defenses

Siege Engine (Ballista, Catapult, Fire Trebuchet, Destroyer)
[Strong against] Defenses
[Weak against] Infantry, Ranged, Cavalry.

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(Guide Type: Troops) Having large number of Troops

Troops are the most beautiful thing ever made in the game. They are the most important, the vips. They gather resources, fight and defend for you. Who does that? Nobody but your troops not even your lover would die for you so love your troops. With the help of research, they make you stronger in offense and defense. So, is it preferable to have lots of troops? Yes and no. Yes, you cant send all of them all at once because there is a certain army size limit but you can send the rest for different tasks. Time's not wasted. For that, upgrade your barracks for bigger training capacity and manors for training speed. Your troops will grow a lot faster. No, because your hourly upkeep in food will get lower and it will start to flash in red. But don't be sad I have a good news, your troops dont require to be fed! They wont starve to death if your food is at 0. And in every good news there's bad news, you don't want to get your food wasted so you cant leave or activate lots of food because they'll just get eaten up and be back at 0. Have you seen the gladiators big fat ass? They're the ones who eat a lot. Just kidding. I suggest if you're in that kind of situation just get or activate in the bag some foods only when needed like in construction, research, training and healing. For having lots of troops you must have lots of infirmaries, its capacity must be bigger than your troops size so you can accommodate everyone when you get attacked if not, the rest that cant be accommodated will die. Sheltering your troops are the best way to protect them. Through it, your troops wont be able to get attacked and its good because to be able to weaken someone's turf you must get to kill his troops. But then the shelter has its limit. Well, you can shield up if you want to make sure all of them are protected from the attacks but if you dont have shields you can send the rest to gather or camp far away from you. That way they can be saved when your turf is being attacked. But if they found and target your camp just recall them. And if they target your turf again, repeat. But shield's an easy way. To protect your troops is to protect and preserve your might.

Thank you for reading
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Construction and research
You must always keep on upgrading buildings and do researches. When you are big player research are very important, so start as early as you can. But constructions are important too. Upgrading  buildings to level 25 you can take some boosts(not at all, as example barrack, infirmary....)
But it is not only this. If you are sure you will keep playing for long time you should do as many constructions you can, and more important as many researches you can. You will bexome bigger and bigger and this is the fun part of the game

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Guild battles (Darknests)
1. Before initiating a rally attack, it's best to scout the darknest.
2. When trying to initiate a rally, you will have a time choice of how long you want the rally to initiate. If you want to attack the darknest quickly, it's best to go for 10 minutes because your guild mates can be far from your turf and you might not want others guilds to attack your targeted darknest.
3. When going up against a strong darknest, remember to upgrade your battle hall so you can hold more troops.
4. Also, when joining rallies, you might be wondering how strong the darknest is or how long will it take for you to reach your guild mate's turf so it's best to scout the darknest and to check how far away your guild mate is just so you don't have to spend a lot of resources on healing your troops.
5. Joining rallies are important in a guild because it will be easier to defeat your enemy and when rallying against a higher level or strong darknest. This will allow you and your guild mates to get better dark essence for better rewards.
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