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[Event] Lords Mobile Think Tank

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The Knowledge is Power event has ended!  Don’t fret, for we’re still on the lookout for knowledgeable players to share their tips & tricks of the trade!
Duration: Long-term
1) Create posts under the “Guide” section here. Please include the Guide Type in your title, and your IGGID at the end of your post.
Guide Types:
A. Newbie Guide
B. Construction & Research
C. Hero Stages
D. Guild Battles (War for Wonders, Battle Royal, Darknests)
E. Troops
F. Attacking Castles
2) Lords Mobile reserves the right to publish submitted entries.
3) Original entries only. Please use your own work!
4) Guides that were submitted for previous contests will not qualify for this event.
5) There is no submission limit. You can create as many guides as you want!
6) We will announce the winners and send out their prizes each week (latest by Friday).
Rewards:We will pick good guides to feature in the Elite Trainer subforum. Winning guides will receive 25K Gems each.

Try to include as many details as you can, guides which are considered too short will be disqualified.

Where there is a will, there is a way.
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Hi I would like to give out a idea, I think that level 25's and above should be able to buy a permanent relocater for a good amount of gems or guild coins, (Permanent meaning can use as much as they want)    - SwaggerBoss

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Tips if your starting a new guild

1. You want to be as close as you can to all your guildmates
     it will make it easier to send resources and reinforce each other
2. Get all guildmates to move to one place and make sure that they don't do nothing dumb        
like start a war with a higher guild by scouting other guilds
3. It will be more fun if alot of your guild members are active so
    It's easier to communicate with each other.

If you want to join my guild (KTZ) Olympus Knights message me
Sparta rules

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How do you do this guide thing?

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Tips for Construction and Research

1. For research I say that you should keep researching your military because
    if your a low level castle higher levels would see you as easy targets

2. For construction go right for your castle and your farming to me those are the most
    important because you need alot of food to make your upkeep high so you
    could have alot more infantry than your rivals

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Tips for Hero stages

1. For Hero stages I would say if your hero's aren't strong enough to complete
    higher stages just sweep the lower stages to get more equipment items to use
    on your hero's to upgrade them

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Attacking castles!
Attacking castles is a very important part of lords mobile. Even if you are the lowest of the low you can still use these tricks :).
First of all when your attacking the travel time is different based on what troops you put. So if I put just archers and gladiators I would have less time than if I added other troops like the catapult even though these are tier 2 it makes no difference.
Troops also have counters against each other.
Gladiator:Counters Catapults and sharp shooters. But countered by Calvary and defenses.         (Defenses is castle wall)
Sharpshooters:Counters Calvary and siege engine but countered by infantry and defenses
Reptilian rider:Counters infantry and siege engine but countered by ranged and defenses
Catapult:Counters:defenses but countered by infantry ranged and Calvary
Like I said even though they are tier 2 they still have the same counters a weaknesses I hope this helps you later in the future

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Construction and research.              I would say for research you should research your construction very high so you can complete buildings a lot faster. For construction I would get your base to a high level very quick because when you have a high level base you will gain might quicker

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Construction and research
Construction:When constructing things choose things that will best fit your day.You should also get a higher castle quick so that you can get tier 2.You. Should also know how you are gonna use it in the future.
Research:When researching you may want to prep instead of waiting until your able to get it.Also in researching you would want to research stuff to help you build or gain resources.Researching will also help you get stronger and defend against attacks

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Construction and research             It is very very important to always have troops training, research going, construction going. This might be obvious but do the calculations, if you won't be on for 12 hours do a construction or research for 12+ hours.