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[Bug] Suggestion to the developers "Lords mobile"

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Ok so first of all this game is a nice game i dont usually play mobile games but i like the strategy type of it in real time.

Anyway to get to the point i've noticed this game is very guild dependant but its lacking some very important mechanics to keep a guild organised.

E.G: Proximity:Why is there no mechanism that can show the proximity of the members to the leader? that could show the cohesion of the guild and it makes things a lot easier to see who is interested to be in the so called hives and who is not.(this could be something only R4 and lead can see)

Also Why cant we see Kingdoms?There should be a mechanic showing the current kingdom of the members next to their names that could also help seperate these people rather than to have to ask or to try to test if u can send them resources.

Also why is there no Date of join? that way regrouping members under certain dead lines or seen the oldest of members can help determining their loyalty.

Apart from guilds i also noticed all these cool events u guys make and i always found my self searching for some king of dungeons and i was so dissapointed when i noticed its just another build troops build buildings kind of event..which made it pretty boring to even notice..Please do add some kind of extra dungeons on these events

Also The lack of control of the heroes...it really is annoying i mean you go for a mission and all u can do is hope ur healer will have her ultimate...other than that everything else is fully scripted to a few version every time u run a mission and this lack of control just makes it a lot less of an enjoyment and a lot more of a chore..please do add seperate control to be able to decide which hero attacks which monster (for example the same mechanic u have to drag and drop the ulty but this time with "agro" system)

Thats all i got for now but i think these are some significant changes u could make to improve this game a looot more.

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