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[Bug] Suggestion: New Research Tree

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Posted on 2017-08-30 01:45:54 | Show thread starter's posts only

As an introduction, I am pretty sure the skills I am about to suggest have already been requested several times, although prolly as a basic feature instead of a research tree, which seems not only appropriate, but also benefits both: IGG and the user.

The suggestion is not structured, so further improvements from the community would be more than welcome:

Monster hunting 2 (Not sorted by tree level):

- Select number of attacks (1/1)
- Pre-visibility of damage range with selected heroes (1/1)
- Increase drop rate of the same level of the monster (1/10)
- Percentage increase of drops (1/10)
- Percentage increase of gems gathered (1/10)
- Increase of keys per guild gift (1/10)
- Rally monster (1/10) - holding up to 10 players which can hit that monster level with the number of attacks (normal energy consumption) selected by each joiner, increasing the damage of their own heroes. The prize obtained would be guild improving items (which could be subject to further development in another suggestion thread) apart from personal items.

And the "holes coverage" if necessary:
- More damage (1/10)
- More energy (1/10)
- Less energy per hit (1/10)
- Higher energy recovery speed (1/10)

Open to any suggestions. Thanks for reading!

[RoF] Hunting Wolf
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