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[Bug] Suggestion - Add more resource gathering / training gear

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Posted on 2017-05-01 22:48:46 | Show thread starter's posts only

There are very few pieces of paid gear that can provide these stats. Could you add more gear to help pretty pls?

We need more options added so we could improve our training speed and resource gathering effectively, specifically in offhand, accessories, etc. It seems to take ages to increase these unless you spam level 25 manors and max out training research, and obviously max resource gathering. Would be nice to have a tiny little boost out of gear every now and then.

I don't mind if this is a paid set for people to achieve, but there must be more alternatives to just the Noceros set and the champion set. For almost every military stat there are several variations, I just feel there are very few gear pieces that help out in this regard for administrative skills.

I know training speed is a tricky subject for gear too, but 1-10% isn't asking much. The more gear available to training speed does mean more troops out in surplus, yet.. a war game needs the fuel xd.

Resource gathering is a nice stat for people to adjust, I would love if they added more gear for the FTP so they can get those resources a lil bit quicker.

Feel free to post opinions ;)

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