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[Bug] Suggestion for a new armor set given out to lower might players

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Posted on 2017-03-10 13:25:28 | Show thread starter's posts only

IMPORTANT no one over 100m will be given this set, this set will allow lower might players to train troops slightly faster then others

Set gives out at gold 10-20% boost for a specific type of troop ex chest piece give 1% cav trading boost at gray 2% at green 4% at blue 10% at purple 15-20% at gold (note the armor pieces should each go to a specific troop type) chest piece cav,helm archers, boots inf , legs to siege
This set can be given to semi low might players to boost the production of troops for low might players
Boosts can be adjustable this is just my opinion on it.
And this set could delete itself once a player reaches 100m
The set will also be might based a player from 0-20m will be given gold set 20-40m purple set ,40-60m blue , 60-80m green ,80-100 gray
The set will automatically degrade itself as the player reaches set might marks
The set can call the troop trainers set
If you don't like the idea of the set destroying itself you can have the set stay at gray for everyone above 100m
When people start complaining about this is unfair you can respond that it's a way to help other players who don't have the $ to spend on this game to grow and if you look at it from your view the more low might players might spend more money so that they can  train faster, the more $ people will spend when hitting these players.
All I ask is if you use this idea I would appreciate that
Each armor piece will have a icon of the troops it boosts on it

Riley picha
Posted on 2017-03-10 14:38:00 | Show thread starter's posts only

Do you like this idea ?

Riley picha
Posted on 2017-03-10 15:22:34 | Show thread starter's posts only

Terrible idea high might players should be rewarded not punished

Posted on 2017-03-20 23:18:54 | Show thread starter's posts only

Exactly what low might players need. More liquid might. Keep gemming those t1-3 at 20m. It helps a "lot"