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[Bug] IGG Horrific Support Policies

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Posted on 2018-05-10 13:11:50 | Show thread starter's posts only

purchase packs at your own risk!  IGG will not compensate you or fix your account due to certain errors in the game.  See screenshots below,  IGG advises players should restart their game every time they activate a shield to ensure that you are actually in fact shielded!  Be warned!

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Based on the dialogue, the support is saying that if you have activated your shield and it appears in the turf boosts, it means it is activated. The display glitch simply does not show you have a shield up on the map. However, your shield is active. IGG can check in their logs that you have activated if this is the case. Display glitch or not, regardless of this, your shield is in fact active if it shows in turf boosts. 

The initial dialogue is cut off pertaining to the issue you are experiencing. Is it an issue where you thought you had your shield up but you did not actually have it up? Maybe something else? 

IGG does not advise you to restart your game everytime you use a shield to verify that it you are in fact shielded. They advise you to troubleshoot if you are having a display glitch issue where the shield is showing in turf boosts and not on your castle. There seems to be a misunderstanding of what is being communicated. Hopefully the above explaination presented is taken with an open mind to help you understand what is being said. 

Feel free to ask for clarification if it is still not clear.

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Posted on 2018-05-10 21:29:18 | Show thread starter's posts only

I already know your company policy says customers accounts can’t be restored for what you call a “display glitch”.  But most importantly you lost a paying customer who was providing your company with monthly income.  It would have cost IGG absolutely nothing to do the right thing in this case...  just shifting a few digits around on a server...  I mean really... hello is anybody home?  This has got to be the dumbest thing I have ever heard of in my entire life!  Any reputable company would have fixed this for the customer.  It is alarming that IGG would rather assume I’m a liar because there is no server log of my shield!?!?!  You have got to be kidding!  Your "in depth system checking" consisted of looking at my successfully applied shields...  How would an improperly applied shield ever be recorded in your server log?  Your server only logs successfully applied shields!!!  Just a little bit of common sense here would help allot...  

No need to create a new “ticket” for “support” when your company policy is “the customer is only right when the backend says so”.  The shield system only works when it properly applies shields... Obviously you would have no record of me shielding on your server when my shield was not properly applied...  Does anyone there have any common sense at all?  The door is absolutely open for payments but nobody is home for any related support... 

Apparently from my last e-mail from support you all think the game is perfect and bug free too?  I experience bugs, crashes, connection issues all the time...  Just wait till the next KvK...  I’ve lost plenty of stuff from those bugging out and game crashing but never bothered to contact support due to hearing how bad your service is.  Someone in my guild lost millions and millions of troops due to a KVK crash and only received 50 or so 24hr speedups after 8 days of fighting with support.  The whole guild saw it, what do you think that does to customer confidence?  I'm Done!  Instead of wasting your time trying to help me when company policy says you can’t, talk to your management about changing that policy as it’s a sure fire way to loose the customers that pay your salaries.  Your support system along with your company policies are by far the biggest bug in this game!  Good luck with your future endeavors.


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It may have also been due to my AT&T connection at the time linked above^^  either way its a bug when it shows i renew shield on the front end but does not make it to the back end...  And either way this is a "Mobile Game" so connection issues should be expected when designing the game... And also and more importantly either way IGG looses a paying customer because of crap support.  I have been playing for over 8 months, probably closer to a year and I have to contact support ONE time and i get this result...  IGG company policy, "the customer is only right if the back-end says so".  Even though i show proof of my front end still "display glitching" the next day.  So much for a "Favorable game environment for all players" 

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"Either way, the result of the issue can be due to a variety of different things including user error."
No reputable company handles business this way,  Reputable companies do not say "throw the customer a few token items only when we can prove it was our fault" AND/OR "never make the customer whole even when it is clearly our fault."  Does IGG figure that the customer will buy more if they are just made half whole?  Its mind blowing.

[The most relevant example i can give you]
I called the number in my App Store yesterday about this issue and the lady on the phone knew you guys as soon as I mentioned the name "Lords Mobile".  And let me just clarify that you are not known for great customer service.  And let me tell you they have excellent customer service and it actually costs them real money which makes me feel bad because I love them.  I'm assuming they get 30% of your sales here.  The funniest thing is I bet IGG classifies this as "fraud"...  Just so you know its not "fraud" its you having "crappy support policies."  Truth be told the employees you have working in your support department are actually very polite and professional.  They are just bound by insanely stupid corporate policies that I'm sure drives them nuts. 

"As we all cannot rewind time to determine what did or did not happen, we can only rely on the information based on logs."
I bet this is super convenient for IGG as database logs by their very nature can only record database errors and successful transactions.  By no means will IGG ever find a "bug", "glitch", or more accurately, a programming logic error in the front end by looking at the database server log.  It just will never happen.  I would be far more likely to walk out of my front door right now in the state of Texas and find snow.  Shoot it might be more likely to get struck by lightning on the moon.  It pains me to think about how many people are screwed over by this policy on a daily basis.

[Pros to this logic]:  The good news is IGG will almost never have to actually support anyone with this method and almost nothing will ever be IGG's fault!  

[Cons to this logic]:  How much actual money does IGG loose from people getting fed up with your non existent support and just decide to give Google or Apple a ring instead?  When all IGG needed to do was shift around a few digits on a database...   IGG will burn through loyal customers like a wild fire with this policy.  IGG will be slower to find, and therefore slower to fix issues with the front end meaning more customers affected.

Posted on 2018-05-12 06:21:12 | Show thread starter's posts only

Hello! Would you have any constructive feedback as to how the IGG support team should approach these situations? Your opinion on the matter will surely help the team out :)

Feel free to message me with any more concerns.

Kind regards

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Posted on 2018-05-12 14:53:47 | Show thread starter's posts only

I doubt my opinion on the matter will be headed at all but what the heck I'll bite.  Your support team should approach all situations by the numbers.  I could not even begin to know what that looks like for IGG.  The problem is IGG does not know what that looks like either as they are not keeping track.  When I say numbers I mean your customer satisfaction metrics.  The problem is you do not have much of a metric to work with as your satisfaction survey does not collect any meaningful data that your team can even use to improve.  You know those short surveys at the end of a support ticket that customers fill out?  First of all your current survey only has 1 question, It is a simple overall rating of 1-5 and a comment box.  This is wildly insufficient,  I'm left to believe that IGG simply does not care to even ask the right questions.  

You should probably start by asking the right questions and collecting meaningful data.  At this point your survey is wildly ineffective by any standard.  Most people who complete the survey just click a number next to the question and leave no comment at all.  

Off the top of my head here are some meaningful questions.

What category best fits your reason for contacting us? [Drop down] -its important to split these up as i'm sure your team does not need to work on all categories.   For instance I bet they are fairly good at answering simple game mechanic questions.  Different categories will have different support metric questions specific to the category. Was the customer having an issue with the game or was it just a general game mechanics question.  Amazing, now you can start to identify where your team needs work.

How professional was the representative handling your ticket? [1-5]  -Identify agents that need to be retrained or let go.  I had no issues here however there are always a few bad apples in every bunch.
Was your support request handled in a timely manner? [1-5] -You need this metric for obvious reasons, Do you need to scale up/down your team.  Do customers expect faster service in different categories?  Are they happy waiting longer for general questions?  You probably want to know what category of support the customer is contacting you about when the customer creates a support request.  

Was the [problem/question] [resolved/answered] to your satisfaction? [1-5] -this is a crucial category specific question.  It will help your team improve in categories where they are failing.  You cant fix a problem you don't know exists.

Overall How would you rate our service? [1-5] -Now you ask this one so you can figure out how important each aspect is to the customer.  If you get a one on time but a 4 here your still doing pretty good.

I'm sure that I am probably missing some questions here but you get the idea.  Either way just collecting data on the questions above would be a thousand times better than your current metric.   I bet you get a ton of simple e-mails to your support department that your team handles very well,  So glancing at your current metric of customer satisfaction probably looks like your support team is killing it.  Just don't glance too hard because your current metric is severely flawed. 

Start by collecting more data on more specific metrics.  Your company sounds like it specializes in database design and administration,  I'm sure someone on your team could figure out the relationships between these metrics and design a meaningful database to hold them. 

If IGG would have been asking these questions from the start I'm sure they would have identified long ago that the following customer support policies are causing substantial damage to your public image as well as creating instant revenue loss to valued customers you piss off.  I mean just read a few app store reviews that have had interactions with your support department, there are literally tons of them.  Its blatantly obvious that you have a huge problem here.  You can't hardly even get on kingdom chat in your own game without seeing people trash IGG.

1) "Only take action on provable errors we can find in our database log" 
2) "When we do take action just give the customer a few token items, we are not here to make them whole"

And those are just the problematic policies that I'm aware of, there are likely more.

You can't treat employees you are paying like that but for some reason IGG thinks its a good idea to apply these policies to customers that pay them?  It's literally mind blowing.

Create a half way decent customer support metric and the numbers wont lie.  

Wow that is the most free advice I have ever given