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[Guild] [K211] [sWE] We are looking for Fighters/Monster Hunters

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Posted on 2018-03-05 01:01:15 | Show thread starter's posts only

Looking for not only a great guild but a family to enjoy the game with? 

A little about us:
We are an up and coming Monster Hunting guild that is recruiting active members who are willing to boost and fight. Our main focus atm is Monster Hunting, we currently have 66 members with 3.4b guild might and average 200-300 mixed boxes a day. We just recently moved to k211. We are not a super serious guild, we love to have fun and enjoy the game but we do have a few Do/Dont's. We ask all of our members to help one another in any way they can. We also do not tolerate harassment of any kind. We do require our members to always Shelter/Shield we will not become other guilds farms. 

-Must be willing to fight
-Rare grade "Hunting Mace"
-Must be active in guild chat
-Being friendly, we treat each other with respect and help one another in more than just the game

*If you are a little short of these requirements you can still apply, we do make acceptions*

Why us?
-We participate in WOW
-We have multiple T4 members
-200-300 mixed daily gifts
-Gift lvl 22

If interested please message me in-game @Synergy95(R3) or @Syn Slayer(R4)

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Guild Fest is over. Accepting again

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