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[Guild] [K178] [RUm] #1 all around guild. War/Hunt/Events 37bil might.

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    Want to join a guild where your efforts are noticed and appreciated? Grow with the premier Lords Mobile Monster Hunting & War guild. Top 100 in global fest. Plus we love to burn. We do it all. War rallies, Monster Hunt, KvK , #1 in 178 in Lords Cup, #63 in global fest etc. Now our focus is on the burn! We are looking only for warfighters & rally leads who understand that the hunt = growth and less spent growing and building more troops. If you hunt and war and want 2500+ average daily guild gifts 800 of them level 2 and normally 100 level 3s and 1500 level 1s helping you gain might much faster well RUM should be your new home! We take care of one another and consider all members our in game family. We believe all guilds can and should be both hunting & war guilds. Everyone hunts hard & fights hard here and we get enough free gems that we were able to start a t4 pipeline to rush all members to t4. That's why we wholeheartedly believe hunting and a motivated generous loyal family is the back bone to a successful war guild. We can burn and rebuild without burning a hole in our wallets and with the help of our family. We aren't afraid to gift those that join war rallies and help them rebuild troops. Our motto is "If you slay you can stay" everyone does their part and everyone reaps the rewards from the collective hunting & war efforts.

Why Join?
-Daily LvL 3 & sometimes LvL 4 Group hunts (Have you ever had 50 people hunt a level 4 with you?)
-Motivated & drama free guild . We are competitive but not so much so that everyone tries to one up each other. We treat each other as family.
-Gift overload  700+ level 2 gifts and 2,000+ level 1 average daily guild gifts. We group hunt around 100 level 3/4 daily as well. The hunt is growth! Gives us what we need to fund war. 
- Master Gauntlet!  Sexy gold guild skin! #63 in the world in guild fest! (We go for all free items in game)
- We are a war guild with a hunting backbone. (Gifting one member at a time to T4 that's what a guild family does). 
-Family vibe, very inclusive all nations & cultures welcomed. Your growth is our growth. We try to do whatever we can for family. If you need something just ask. All people of the human race that are chill are welcome.
-Active guild. We want 0 dead might. Only looking for those that can hunt their fair share. The more the better. 
-Leadership. We practice what we preach and more. We will do what we can for any member especially those that go all in. We want to see EVERYONE GROW. We grow as a family. High might or smaller might as long as you hunt everyone is treated the same. As it should be.
-Every 1000 guild gifts (80% lvl1s & 20% lvl2s) will generally give 4-5 days of speedups on average
-In guild contests with in game gifting for those that go above and beyond hunting even when they think noone is watching (we do notice those putting in work and try to reward when we can). Especially for those helping our guild grow.
-Gift level 28. I knew it might come up. (Last time I edited it was 26 the gift level is growing fast.)

-Total guild might is now 31 bil a few days ago a member posted a screenshot and we were jusr 11bil. That's the power of monster hunting!

Guild Requirements:

#1: Active (this is #1 because it is most important). We need active members that will hunt daily & be available for war and darknest rallies amd also active enough to keep your account protected when away from the game.

# Might: T4 is a requirement and willing to use your troops when needed. Otherwise what are they being trained for?

#3 : Hunting gear:  Hunters need good gear. Apply with hunting gear on please.

#4: Participation in guild activities is mandatory unless otherwise excused we are relaxed but everyone has a role to play for the team. We hit top 100 in master gauntlet & we want to stay there! 

#5: Protection: We feel that if you have met the other requirements and care about your time and monetary investment and our guild you will make it a priority to keep your leader protected while away from game and not in battle. X

#6: Hunting:  It is a daily activity! We ask that you kill 20 daily monsters with a minimum of 5 of them being level 2s.

#7 Be drama free. Not looking for high maintenance players. Just hunters & warriors and please don't waste our & your time if you have no plan on committing or jump guilds often.

If you don't meet any of these requirements don't let it deter you from applying. We have a sister guild RUr that is pushing 1500 guild gifts daily & RUb getting over 1,500 daily gifts.We just welcomed our newest guild RUn to the family as well. If you need a guild home message us and we can usually make room for ya.

Join the RUm monster hunting family  today you won't regret it! R U Monster Hunting? Message BUFFARILLA in game or Message a RUm R4. If we are full check out our family guilds RUr, RUb, RUn. Message any R4s and they will get back to ya ASAP! 

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As someone on K158, I endorse this thread. We need more resource nodes in the wild. Come!

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Thanks for all the love. We have found some great hunters through this forum.

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We are growing and still have room. We just moved up to the Advanced Gauntlet in guildfest and plan on moving up again next fest. Join an active guild that is hungry and passionate about the game and one that appreciates every member and is willing to invest in the growth of all of our members.

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Hi, look PM

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Hello, there is a great desire to develop in this game, and if there is such an opportunity to get to you in the Guild, what it takes.. Play 3 month there is 3 account 23, 22, 20 might account... Rmp002 001 000, 202 Kingdom, Monster Hunt 4 open

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Growing fast. Still recruiting. Only need those that will carry their own weight. Need those willing to slay at minimum 10 per day working toward 20 level 1's. We want you to grow fast!

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Check Pms please

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Today we hit a guild record! 1,037 guild gifts in just 24 hours. Congratulations RUm family on reaching an important guild milestone! We made a New Years resolution as a guild to grow and recruit hunters and to hit 1,000 guild gifts daily. Fast Forward two monsth and some change and we hit that today. Where will we be at years end? Join today we are almost full but we have room for few more hunters that want to be a part of something in the stage of initial growth and help us break those guild hunting milestones one by one and see amazing growth at the same time! Days of speedups and thousands of free gems daily!