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[Guild] [K158][RUm] R U Monster Hunting? Pirate lords. Grow with us!

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Want to join a guild where your efforts are noticed and appreciated or just bored and want a change? Enjoy hunting and want 400-1000 daily guild gifts helping you gain might much faster? RUM should be your new home! We consider all members family and want to take out the drama and keep it simple. Hunt, collect gifts, rally nests, grow in might, burn castles, help in guild events. We believe hunting is the back bone to a war guild. Burn and rebuild without burning a hole in your wallet.

Why Join?
-Relaxed guild, we consider ourselves casual competitive.
-Gift overload 400-1000 guild gifts daily & growing. (Core group is pushing lvl 60 expect gifts to skyrocket when all that level 60 hunter gear is forged.
- We go all in for in game freebies. Our goal is for every member to put up 100 points per quest in guild fest getting the most free gifts possible.
- We are growing into a war guild with a hunting backbone
-Family vibe, very inclusive all nations & cultures welcomed. Your growth is our growth. We try to do whatever we can for family. If you need something just ask.
-Steady guild growth. We want active might. We don't keep inactives around. If you aren't playing you aren't slaying! We won't stop until we have 100 active hunters/warriors
-Little pressure, family helps each other out but noone will expect you to over commit troops.
-Every 1000 guild gifts (80% lvl1s & 20% lvl2s) will generally give 4-5 days of speedups on average
-Native to K158 We do not kingdom hop. We don't want those that guild hop either.
-In guild contests with in game gifting for those that go above and beyond hunting even when they think noone is watching (we do notice those putting in work and try to reward when we can). Especially for those helping our guild grow.
-Gift level 18 ( I knew it might come up. )
So Join RUM today you won't regret it! R U Monster Hunting?

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As someone on K158, I endorse this thread. We need more resource nodes in the wild. Come!

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Thanks for all the love. We have found some great hunters through this forum.