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[Guild] 56mil might player 1400 gf points daily monster kills

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Looking for active English friendly guild

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I'm an R4 for an English speaking guild and we hit monsters daily, infact, if you don't and are seen to be not active we will kick you.

Guild is around 3bil might now and in K187.

Drop me a PM on here if you're interested in joining.

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Guild name : KCR( K47)
Leader name:KSR SF
Recruiting :50mm or 10mk minimum ( with exception)

Must letter: Xxtremexx, Phoenixdye,xalandar or Germanjunk upon applying

~Guild information~

Current guild might :5 billion above
Current member : 84/100
Guild focus : Kills( no farmers pls)
Mandatory Participation:Guild fest.

Thank you.  

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Come join Dfs we are a fun, friendly and very active guild currently in kingdom 11 to help us grow more of the smaller players.